Getting ready to go to Disney!

In exactly one week I’ll be going to Disney World with my daughter and mother for the 2017 Epcot Flower and Garden festival!! I’ll also be going to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs and possibly Hollywood Studios… but the Flower and Garden festival is the true highlight of this trip for me since I’ve never been!

I did a drawing recently of the things I’m excited about for my upcoming trip! Mostly Epcot and Disney Springs things… I’ve been to Disney Springs once, but it was a quick visit at night. I’m looking forward to going during the day and doing a little shopping and eating!

Can’t wait to post about our trip when we get back!

Our 2014 San Francisco trip


A belated little travel post… I have a lot of fun trip photos I've been meaning to share! This set of pictures and video is from our trip to San Francisco this past May – and since we are going back this May I thought it was an appropriate time to finally share these! My husband, Chris, went to go run in the Bay to Breakers race and I tagged along with him to do fun touristy stuff while we were there! (When this posts I'll actually be on my way back to SF for the same exact race!!) We visited the Walt Disney Museum and saw the fabulous Mary Blair exhibit, relieved a tiny bit of our old Japan trip at the Japanese tea garden, ate many delicious meals and desserts, took sticker pictures at Japan town and visited with my friend Wendy! This was also the first time I got to see Chris run in a race which was super exciting!!! 

So onto the good stuff – all my photos and videos!


Relaxing morning before adventure begins! ✨ Reliving a tiny bit of our Japan trip Untitled

Delicious mochi and tea in the Japanese garden…


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My Disney World Bachelorette trip + haul!!

This is post #1 in my Disney World Bachelorette trip series! I took so many photos I want to share that I decided to break it down to a post per day we were there. To start off the series, here is a YouTube video I filmed in October talking about my trip and sharing a mini haul of what I got at Disney World and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Stay tuned for more pics!! ❀


Japan: Day 1 at Kiyomizu-dera of Kyoto



The flight was a long one over – We flew straight in from Atlanta to Tokyo and then took a train to Kyoto…and we spent over 24 hours awake I think. I don't really remember much that night when we arrived other than my luggage felt like it weighed a million pounds, taking a bath and passing out. 

The next morning we got breakfast in the hotel and I drank a TON of coffee!! (I needed all the fuel I could get!) After breakfast we set out for adventure – our major destination was the Kiyomizu-dera temple and possibly checking out a shop I wanted to visit if we had the energy. 



We walked along Gojo-dori from our hotel to the temple and saw so many interesting things along the way. It was such a beautiful and relaxing walk despite feeling tired from jet lag. Along the way we stopped at a few places to take photos and look around. Unfortunately, I don't know the names of the little places we came across but they were lovely to look at regardless.


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My Japan adventure!

Every Friday for the next few weeks I will be posting photos (some mine, some my boyfriend's!) and drawings about my November trip to Japan – so please check back if you'd like to read more!


When I first started planning my trip, the major thing I was looking forward to was shopping!! I had dreamed of shopping in Japan for over 10 years now… which sounds kinda silly but I love interesting clothes and accessories to express myself with, and I've often found inspiration from brands in Japan. So to begin my Japan posts, I thought I'd include a little sketch I made before leaving of hopeful items to find on our trip. Some of these things I found and bought, some I didn't. 




However, while I thought shopping would be the major highlight of my trip, I was pleasantly surprised and proved wrong! This list quickly became the last thing on my mind as I tried to take in all the adventure and excitement around me.

It's taken me a while to collect my thoughts and feelings about this trip since it moved me greatly… But hopefully the delay in posting will be worth it! ;) Japan is such a beautiful and inspiring country and I look forward to sharing posts over the next few weeks about my adventures there!



Japan bound!!

S-totoro51Photo Source

I have some really exciting news to share: This November I will be going to Japan for two weeks with my boyfriend!! I

I'm still planning all the things to do on our trip and if you'd like to follow the process you can add my pinterest boards I made for it:

Also, if any of you have suggestions on places I should visit or things I should do while I'm there, leave a comment. I'd love to hear!

I can't wait to blog all about the trip when we get back! πŸ™‚

Disney World photos – day 2 in Orlando!

Oh Disney world… Above is a very excited 7 year old San who is about to experience Disney World for the first time! This was my “passport” from 1990 – I think it was our discount card or something for being Florida residents so we could come back multiple times in a year? I can’t believe I still have it. I think I might have saved it as a child thinking it was my secret ticket to get back to Disney someday…

Mickey and me - 1990

And above is me in 1990 meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time. (Doesn’t it look like he is eating my head or something?? haha!) For those who don’t know, I grew up in Florida and was fortunate enough to visit Disney World twice as a child and then again as a teenager in 1997. I’d scan some from 1997, but they are in a box at my mother’s house… so perhaps another day!

We have arrived!!! 

For contrast, this is me 20 years later at the entrance of Magic Kingdom! I actually teared up a little when we walked in because I was so overwhelmed with emotion and excitement… seeing everything brought back so many memories of happy times with my family. It was also really fun to watch the reactions of the people I was with – especially Emma who was visiting the park for the very first time! She was super excited! 

After the cut there are a TON of photos from the second day into my Orlando Vacation… all from Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! Enjoy ❀

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Photo post: Wizarding World & Islands of Adventure!

Here is my first update on my Orlando trip! This post is all photos from day 1 at Islands of Adventure. We got up super early to get there, which was nice because it didn't get crowded until after 1. If you ever plan on going to visit… I recommend you do the same. Not waiting in long lines was fantastic, and it was a lot easier to take pictures of things!

Arrival at Islands of Adventure right when it opened!! This was my first time visiting the park ever! Same for Jonathan and Emma… but Chris had been there before. I was a leeetle excited to say the least πŸ˜‰

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