March favorites


A few of my friends recently made some adorable illustrations of the things they enjoyed throughout March and I thought it might be fun to reflect on what I enjoyed as well through a doodle!

Sparkling raspberry seltzer water – Ohhh, I adore sparkling water. I don’t drink much coffee or wine, and soda is even rarer for me… so this is my go to special drink! I love a plain pellegrino but I’ve recently been enjoying Kroger brand seltzer water in raspberry! Delish!

Beautiful spring flowers – I love walking everywhere when possible. The weather has warmed up a bit which allows me to walk several times a day with my baby and dog. On my walks I’ve been enjoying all the beautiful spring blooms that have popped up! I’ve been posting a lot of photos of these on instagram and twitter:

Scalloped shorts in pink and blue – I picked up two colorful pairs of shorts from Lilly Pulitzer recently and I love the fun color and details they are going to bring to my spring and summer wardrobe!

Ice dream cones – I’m all about the Chickfila ice cream cones this spring as my favorite dessert. So yummy!

Spring reading – My friend Alley inspired me to check out my library after a long hiatus… I’ve been picking up a ton of wonderfully illustrated books (many of which I plan to share on booktube videos!)… I’ve also just finished the book, “Together in the Dream: The Unique Careers of a Husband and Wife in the Early Decades of Walt Disney World” by Suzanne Ogren and R.J. Ogren. If you’re a Disney park fan like me (particularly Walt Disney World) then you might enjoy this book… It’s the stories of a couple that both worked at Disney World during its early years – driving monorails, painting animatronics, dancing in parades and other exciting jobs. I enjoyed it so much I’m currently reading the sequel!

Visual wishlist of summary wants

Lately I’ve been in a shopping/window(internet window) browsing mood… I blame it on spring fever – but I keep wanting books, cute clothes, a new bag for carrying my stuff in when I’m out and about… But I’m about to go on a trip to San Francisco so I really shouldn’t be buying things! That want want want feeling is pretty naggy and keeps lingering, so I thought I’d draw out all the main items I wish I could buy right now.

Skull Cardigan  |  Summery Blouse  |  Pink Head Necklace – long discontinued, only on ebay :*(
Green Tea Sampler pack  |  Graphic Novels (too many to list)
Bust, Giant Robot and Zipper Subscriptions  |  Retro style airline bag  |  Glow in the dark stars
and gorgeous teal cowboy boots to wear with the cut-off shorts I made

Look how happy I am with all this stuff… clearly I need it in my life! Hahaha…

Ah well. A girl can dream! (and then draw it!) Sorry no color, I’m practicing working in black and white right now since I’m going to start trying to do mini comics. (Its a lot quicker for me to do things this way.)

On the note of money, I had a company contact me week ago asking if they could pay me to write on my blog about their site. The site was for coupons, it seemed cool and was designed nicely – but it didn’t really sit well with me… I thought it might offend you guys? It just seemed kinda weird to me – so I turned them down after talking about it. I don’t mind doing interesting side projects for money, but I wasn’t sure if that was a good route to take with my blog since it had nothing to do with illustration, crafts or anything else I like. What do you guys think about stuff like that? Would you have done it?