What I’ve been up to on my social media break!

Hi everyone! If you follow me on social media, you might have noticed I’m not currently updating! I decided for my birthday this year I would attempt to stop using Β it for 21 days… I’ve read it takes 21 days to break a habit, and I’m hoping this little hiatus will reboot my creativity and help me with some of my time management issues. So far, it’s working!!! Exciting stuff – I keep joking I may never return now! Lol I do miss seeing cute pictures and reading my friends updates, and I have so much I want to share too. Since I can’t post it on social media then why not dust off my blog and put it here! (My blog can post my updates on social meda for me so I don’t cheat on my break – how neat is that?!) So here we go…

The first week of my break, I actually got very sick which made it easy to forget about social media. By Thursday, I was starting to feel well enough to leave the house and I was able to go see Neil deGrasse Tyson’s show at the Cobb Energy Center with my family. He’s an amazing and hilarious speaker – I had such a great time!! We also got to meet him after the show for a photo and signature which was pretty neat. I hope he comes back to Atlanta soon!


Towards the weekend, my health and my creativity returned. I visited the new arcade, “Round One”, near my house to take purikura pictures with Autumn! (Baby’s first purikura?! haha) I had SO much fun!!! I couldn’t believe how many awesome games they had – I only played Tsum Tsum and did two rounds of Purikura with Autumn (which went surprisingly well!) but I hope to go back soon and try more stuff!

I’ve also been painting with water colors… I’ve started a series of kawaii themed dessert drawings. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but right now I’m just focusing on making stuff I find fun during my break. I’ll post pictures of everything in July!

I also got to visit with my friend Jacqueline yesterday at the coffee shop, “Hodgepodge”. This was my first time going there – they had so many cool murals (love the mermaid one by artetak!) and the food and tea was delicious! I look forward to going back – especially with Autumn since they had a play area for little kids and couches. Perfect!

Well that’s where I’m at currently during my social media break! Hope you enjoyed this little update! More to come soon!!

Baby crafts: Making a wreath for the nursery!


Posting a tutorial on my first baby craft for the nursery… I repurposed some of the left over paper handmade flowers from my wedding for a wreath! I had a ton left over since we used them for table arrangements and mini bouquets instead of real flowers… The paper flowers were originally made by etsy seller "TheCustomCouple" who do amazing work!! My flowers are over a year old now and still look brand new and lovely. I'm so glad I've held onto them in hopes of reusing them for a future craft! The color I purchased from them is "dark pink" and it's a pretty shade that isn't too soft or "hot pink".

If you'd like to try making your own paper flowers vs buying them, there are a lot of tutorials out there but I haven't tried myself so I can't personally recommend one for being the best… This Martha Stewart tutorial looks pretty good though! If you do make them yourself, be sure to put wire inside the flower stems so they will stay bent after you position them on the wreath base!


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Exciting news!! We’re having a baby <3

BabyGirl2015drawingI'm so happy to finally share that we're having a baby girl on March 4th, 2016!! To celebrate, here is a little announcement doodle I made for our nursery decor! ❀ I don't have any other news to share about it yet… but as we start decorating the nursery and planning for the big arrival, I'll be sure to post anything fun related to it here! ❀ Wheee exciting times!! πŸ™‚