Getting ready to go to Disney!

In exactly one week I’ll be going to Disney World with my daughter and mother for the 2017 Epcot Flower and Garden festival!! I’ll also be going to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs and possibly Hollywood Studios… but the Flower and Garden festival is the true highlight of this trip for me since I’ve never been!

I did a drawing recently of the things I’m excited about for my upcoming trip! Mostly Epcot and Disney Springs things… I’ve been to Disney Springs once, but it was a quick visit at night. I’m looking forward to going during the day and doing a little shopping and eating!

Can’t wait to post about our trip when we get back!

My Samantha Thavasa Cinderella wallet + Samantha Vega purse review




I recently purchased a new purse and wallet from Samantha Thavasa petit choice and Samantha Vega and I'm SO happy with them that I decided to do a review! I first heard about Samantha Thavasa's bags a few years ago from a Non-no magazine I bought in Hawaii but wasn't sure what the quality was like or if it was worth the price… When I went to visit Japan in 2013, I finally got to see the bags in person and I was really impressed! They were not only cute but made very well for the price. I didn't end up buying a bag but I kept my eye on their website after that in case I found something I'd like to order…

Recently, I fell in love with the Cinderella wallet by their Petit Choice line and the bow bag from their Samantha Vega line, and I finally decided to save up the money and use a shopping service to get them. I'm so glad I did – they have turned out to be really cute and practical pieces in my wardrobe! 

The shopping service I used to order my purse and wallet is! I've now ordered many things with them and definitely recommend their service if you are trying to buy something that is only sold in Japan!


My new Disney store Japan planner + tips on staying organized!

My new planner for April 2015-2016 arrived from Disney store Japan today πŸ’•βœ¨πŸ’– I'm so in love with it!! It has Miss Bunny and Clarice on it!!! πŸ˜±πŸ’• Such a cute spring design - I can't wait to start using i Details from the inside πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•

I recently purchased an April 2015-2016 planner from Disney Store Japan on Ebay and I got so many questions about it that I decided to make a video about it! 

In the video below, I go over how the planner is set up, how I like to use it, the different items I use to decorate and organize it, along with where I purchased things!

If you have any suggestions on cute planner stuff you think I should check out, leave a comment below! ❀

My Disney World Bachelorette trip + haul!!

This is post #1 in my Disney World Bachelorette trip series! I took so many photos I want to share that I decided to break it down to a post per day we were there. To start off the series, here is a YouTube video I filmed in October talking about my trip and sharing a mini haul of what I got at Disney World and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Stay tuned for more pics!! ❀


My Disney themed bridesmaid gifts!

It's been a while since I last updated, but during that time away many exciting things have happened (which I hope to blog about next week!)… One of the biggest highlights is: I got engaged! ❀ I'll talk about that a bit more in another post, but today I wanted to share with you some of the wedding crafting I've been doing for my bridesmaid's gifts. I had so much fun with this project!!

image image

This was the hardest secret to keep for the past two weeks as I worked on it… I felt like such a secret little fairy godmother crafting these up! lol 

The gift boxes were designed to look like the dress Cinderella's animal friends make for her in the Disney film, and on the bows it says "The right shoe can change a girl's life… Or at least make it more magical!"

I bought the boxes at Target and made the bows in photoshop by altering this tutorial. 



Inside the boxes the first thing you see is a mini Little Golden Book I handmade! The cover is from the original 1950 story of Cinderella and I edited it in photoshop to remove the title and add my own. The back and spine image were taken from what Little Golden Books are still using currently. 

The covers are made with cardstock wrapped in the printed image, and the inside pages are just regular paper, so it gives a nice real book feel to it overall! It was a little challenging to assemble but the final product was so worth it.


View of the inside cover and first page… I didn't take too many photos of the pages since they reveal our plans but the next page tells the girls that we will be going to Disney World for my bachelorette trip!!

So exciting!!


An example of what the inside pages looked like. (There is the dress the boxes were modeled after!) I could have printed on the pages and then folded/stapled/trimmed, but after doing some tests I realized my basic home printer just wasn't going to do the job well… so to get around that I decided to make it look more crafted/homemade and glue all the info on blank pages. I doodled the frames around the pictures in photoshop and scribbled on top of the printed version with a reflective gold gel pen. For the page text I pasted it the book however I felt was best for each page. I really like how it turned out!! ❀


The last page and the inside back cover! The part that says "open me" is typically where a list of other Little Golden Book titles would be, but I decided to put this instead… When you open the envelope it says inside, "I hope you say YES! Email me your response ASAP!" hehehe


Underneath the little book was a shoe for each girl!! This ties back into the phrase on the box's bow since these shoes will be taking them on a magical adventure to Disney World sorta! πŸ˜‰ I picked the shoes based on each girl's favorite princess or character. 

Up close of the shoes

Here are the first 3 shoes that arrived! These are actually ornaments – you can buy some of the series from the Disney online store but I chose to use Amazon since a few shoes I wanted were sold out on the Disney site.

Minnie for Sarah, Rapunzel for Molly, and Mulan for Katie. The 4th shoe I had some issues obtaining at first because it was from Frozen and the merchandise for that seems to be really popular!! 


The final shoe, Elsa's from Frozen! It was difficult to get but well worth the wait – it was really pretty!!

I've had a few people ask if I could do a tutorial on how I made the books – If I am able to squeeze in the time I will try my best to post it up here! ❀

So that was my first big wedding craft!! I'm now getting ready to think about if I'll be making decorations and invitations, and if so – how! I most likely wont be sharing anymore details about our wedding until after the big event in September due to timing and to help keep a little mystery. πŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoyed the pictures – Let me know what you think!

Art update – Mermaids! + 1960’s Disneyland and more

Girls drawing girls, a fun art group I'm a part of, is getting ready to put out their latest art book and the drawing I'm contributing for it had to be themed around Hibiscus flowers. I've been on a total mermaid kick since I looked up info on the 20,000 Leagues ride in Disney World and knew I wanted to have an excuse to draw stuff like that… how are those two things related you ask?

Well, through clicking around and reading on the history of the ride, I discovered the first ride like this was the "Submarine Voyage" in Disneland, which had LIVE MERMAIDS! Okay okay, so they weren't real mermaids – they were actually local girls who auditioned to play mermaids for the summer during 1965-1967. But seriously – how cool is that?! 


So when I put together my concept sketch for the book, I decided to capture the look of these teenage mermaid gals gossiping on a rock while beautifying themselves with brightly colored hibiscus flowers. Still working out color choices, but above is a preview! I'm debating making them look less human with webby ears and fins on their arms…

mermaid sketches

Sketches I doodled while coming up with ideas. I actually drew all the stuff below while sitting in a jacuzzi – I'd like to think of that as immersing myself in the drawing's environment, hahaha!

mermaid sketches

In the bottom left you can see where my idea sorta started… and then I drifted into the zone of thinking of outfit ideas. I think at this point I was like, man – I want a mermaid costume too!

mermaid sketches


And I couldn't talk about the Disneyland mermaids without sharing photos, video and some more info… 

Disneyland mermaids

Disneyland mermaids


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Disney World photos – day 2 in Orlando!

Oh Disney world… Above is a very excited 7 year old San who is about to experience Disney World for the first time! This was my “passport” from 1990 – I think it was our discount card or something for being Florida residents so we could come back multiple times in a year? I can’t believe I still have it. I think I might have saved it as a child thinking it was my secret ticket to get back to Disney someday…

Mickey and me - 1990

And above is me in 1990 meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time. (Doesn’t it look like he is eating my head or something?? haha!) For those who don’t know, I grew up in Florida and was fortunate enough to visit Disney World twice as a child and then again as a teenager in 1997. I’d scan some from 1997, but they are in a box at my mother’s house… so perhaps another day!

We have arrived!!! 

For contrast, this is me 20 years later at the entrance of Magic Kingdom! I actually teared up a little when we walked in because I was so overwhelmed with emotion and excitement… seeing everything brought back so many memories of happy times with my family. It was also really fun to watch the reactions of the people I was with – especially Emma who was visiting the park for the very first time! She was super excited! 

After the cut there are a TON of photos from the second day into my Orlando Vacation… all from Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! Enjoy ❀

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Back from vacation at Disney World!

So I'm back from my vacation and slowly settling in… the trip was AMAZING! I went to Islands of Adventure, NASA's Kennedy Space Center and Disney World's Magic Kingdom!! I also went to the "Mickey's Very Special Christmas Party" on our final night, which was ridiculously cute.

It'll be a few days until I can upload my photos and make a proper post, so I thought I'd share one of Chris's videos and a few iPhone pics until then! Above photo: very cold me hiding out from the unexpected chilly weather with coffee in a Disney Cafe… below: video of us on the Dumbo ride (and a peek at the park and mysterious construction… possibly for Belle's castle?! Paintings of her castle on the construction barrier walls had us guessing.) …

…And a quick snap of the beautifully decorated Cinderella castle! This was so gorgeous – I can't wait to share the video and photos we took of it during the lights and fireworks shows!