My Disney themed bridesmaid gifts!

It's been a while since I last updated, but during that time away many exciting things have happened (which I hope to blog about next week!)… One of the biggest highlights is: I got engaged! ❀ I'll talk about that a bit more in another post, but today I wanted to share with you some of the wedding crafting I've been doing for my bridesmaid's gifts. I had so much fun with this project!!

image image

This was the hardest secret to keep for the past two weeks as I worked on it… I felt like such a secret little fairy godmother crafting these up! lol 

The gift boxes were designed to look like the dress Cinderella's animal friends make for her in the Disney film, and on the bows it says "The right shoe can change a girl's life… Or at least make it more magical!"

I bought the boxes at Target and made the bows in photoshop by altering this tutorial. 



Inside the boxes the first thing you see is a mini Little Golden Book I handmade! The cover is from the original 1950 story of Cinderella and I edited it in photoshop to remove the title and add my own. The back and spine image were taken from what Little Golden Books are still using currently. 

The covers are made with cardstock wrapped in the printed image, and the inside pages are just regular paper, so it gives a nice real book feel to it overall! It was a little challenging to assemble but the final product was so worth it.


View of the inside cover and first page… I didn't take too many photos of the pages since they reveal our plans but the next page tells the girls that we will be going to Disney World for my bachelorette trip!!

So exciting!!


An example of what the inside pages looked like. (There is the dress the boxes were modeled after!) I could have printed on the pages and then folded/stapled/trimmed, but after doing some tests I realized my basic home printer just wasn't going to do the job well… so to get around that I decided to make it look more crafted/homemade and glue all the info on blank pages. I doodled the frames around the pictures in photoshop and scribbled on top of the printed version with a reflective gold gel pen. For the page text I pasted it the book however I felt was best for each page. I really like how it turned out!! ❀


The last page and the inside back cover! The part that says "open me" is typically where a list of other Little Golden Book titles would be, but I decided to put this instead… When you open the envelope it says inside, "I hope you say YES! Email me your response ASAP!" hehehe


Underneath the little book was a shoe for each girl!! This ties back into the phrase on the box's bow since these shoes will be taking them on a magical adventure to Disney World sorta! πŸ˜‰ I picked the shoes based on each girl's favorite princess or character. 

Up close of the shoes

Here are the first 3 shoes that arrived! These are actually ornaments – you can buy some of the series from the Disney online store but I chose to use Amazon since a few shoes I wanted were sold out on the Disney site.

Minnie for Sarah, Rapunzel for Molly, and Mulan for Katie. The 4th shoe I had some issues obtaining at first because it was from Frozen and the merchandise for that seems to be really popular!! 


The final shoe, Elsa's from Frozen! It was difficult to get but well worth the wait – it was really pretty!!

I've had a few people ask if I could do a tutorial on how I made the books – If I am able to squeeze in the time I will try my best to post it up here! ❀

So that was my first big wedding craft!! I'm now getting ready to think about if I'll be making decorations and invitations, and if so – how! I most likely wont be sharing anymore details about our wedding until after the big event in September due to timing and to help keep a little mystery. πŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoyed the pictures – Let me know what you think!

Drawings and life update

Snow day

I'm sure those who follow my blog are wondering why I haven't made my Friday Japan updates yet. I wanted to let you all know they are still coming – I just had a few things pop up that have kept me from working on my blog recently. Our friend's father passed away recently and we spent one weekend going to visit for his funeral, and this past week I was snowed/iced in at my mom's. There has been some crazy weather going on in Atlanta lately… What's even more nuts is it's warm this week!! Above is a photo of my mom's backyard and below is my neice and her dog playing outside in the snow.

Snow day

I chose to stay at my mom's during the ice storm since the news was predicting many homes in Atlanta would lose power and I didn't have a fireplace to keep me warm if that happened. (I wasn't sure where I'd go with my dog to stay warm!!) She lives an hour south of Atlanta, and has two fireplaces and plenty of room for guests – so she invited me to come stay with her and work remotely. Plus, Chris was out of town in California so it would be a nice way to be in company of other's during what would be a long, cold and possibly lonely week for me. How could I say no?!

Clothes from the Nana manga

The power never did go out at her house thankfully, but it was really nice to be together with my family and her husband's family during the wintery weather. I worked remotely while I was there (I'm very busy with moving the company into a new building!), and in the evenings I ate meals with everyone, worked on drawings (I'm experimenting with watercolor right now!) and started re-reading the manga, "Nana", by Ai Yazawa on my kindle. I was so inspired I decided to draw some of my favorite clothing items from the manga that Nana Osaki wears. I remember thinking Nana was so cool when I first read this in college many years ago, but now that I'm older I realize I have more in common with Hachi personality and style-wise. I still admire Nana's cool Vivienne Westwood clothes though!

I also drew some of my favorite items from the new Kate Spade spring collection. It's travel inspired and so cute! My favorite items are the French themed pieces – I really hope to get the bow coat, purse and hat when they go on sale eventually. Gotta save up!

Clothes from Kate Spade's Spring 2014 collection


So that's why there haven't been posts the past two weeks. I'm hoping to get back on track next week since I have my first day in Kyoto almost ready to share. (It's been hard to decided how to split up the posts!!) My only obstacles in the way of posting right now is finding spare time between work's big moving project, running (I started couch to 5k last month!), reading/relaxing and drawing for the blog. Seems like spare time is hard to come by these days but I promise to post! πŸ™‚ So please stay tuned ❀

Have a good weekend everyone!

Record Store Girl comic #1

I think its safe to share comic #1 here now that its no longer in print…! I just wrapped up comic #3, so when that is published I'll share #2! πŸ˜€ Enjoy!

And if you missed my intro post about this, you can go here to read more about my comic in Magnet magazine! The plot is about local record store girl, Lillian (who is real and works at Criminal Records!) and her adventures with the record stores she interacts with at work. I do the writing and illustrating, and the concepts are drafted up by the lovely folks at Criminal Records. It's an interesting project so far!

You can pick up a copy for yourself at your local record shop ❀

More coming later on the comic!

BIG NEWS: My comic in Magnet magazine + win a copy!!!

So I've had a little secret I've been dying to share since September… For the next 6 months I'll be writing and illustrating a comic strip called "The adventures of Record Store Girl" for music magazine Magnet!!

The comic is about Lillian, a record store shop girl, who accidentally discovers a magical object that gives her super powers! But what will she do with those powers…? Fight to save record stores from big-box chains taking over, become a music vigilante or just decline her new abilities for a normal life? You'll have to read the strips to find out!

Lillian also happens to be a real person – she's my good friend who actually works at Criminal Records here in Atlanta! I got the idea to write about her as magical girl because she does so many things for her store and local community in Atlanta that it's almost super human! 

I'm so excited about Record Store Girl because I've always wanted to write a cutesy magical girl story and this was the perfect opportunity! I can't wait to see how it all evolves! I might even try to weave it into my personal comic I've been working on.


Magazine with my comic in it!


Comic #1 went on sale at the beginning of November with the above cover, but I wasn't able to blog about it right away due to work and personal stuff… But! It will be for sale until the 28th so you can still hurry if you want to get a copy!!


Indie record shop list

If you'd like to buy a copy, you can find it at either your local independent record shop or one of the fabulous stores listed above! Annnd comic #2 will be available for purchase on November 29th!! Since I know that is a bit of a time crunch to get the first comic, I thought I'd do something fun for you guys:

My comic in Magnet

I'm giving away a free signed copy of
Magnet magazine with "The adventures of Record Store Girl" #1 inside!

Want to win a copy of the magazine?

  • Leave a comment stating what sort of magical super hero abilities you wish you had, along with your name and email!
  • If you reblog about this, that can count as an extra entry as long as you link where you mentioned the comic in a separate comment! (So it counts as an extra entry! <3)

I'll use a random number generator to select a winner from the comments on November 28th and send out your issue just in time to read before comic #2!


Wheee! So glad I can finally post about this!! 
I hope you guys are as excited as I am! ❀

Art update: Latest commissions and doodles

rocks transported by whales

The other day I was watching Nova's, "Secrets of Stonehenge", which prompted the above tweet and doodle. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing this if you don't follow me already on twitter. πŸ™‚

La2ndo   swaproof

Up next is a poster commission I recently wrapped up. I was asked to recreate a poster like the Star Wars wedding one I did last year, but change it to be Chicago with the Trump Tower, different people, more elements of the Star Wars original poster and to make their Great Dane be dressed as Lando (since that is his name!) It's fun to see how much I've grown since last year's project, and I like how it turned out:

Another Star Wars wedding poster



Web banner sketches

Above are some banner sketches I did for the blog, "Smaller Questions" which is about Microbiology, Astronomy and more awesome science stuff. The banner features writers Brooke and Sarah posing with the small objects from their professions! I had a lot of fun working on this one… the original sketches were done on paper and then I built the banner concepts in photoshop. Below is the final banner:

Final web banner commission


Carol's portrait sketches

And last but not least, here are two portraits I did for the blog, "Make a living writing", which focuses on freelance writing as a career. The gal who I was drawing, Carol, requested that she have 50's-esque fashion, Jetson style computer for the first illustration and a Peanut's style help desk for the second. She also wanted me to try out different hair styles, so there were a lot of sketches involved in this one, which were also done on paper first! Below is how the final turned out. There is some extra space on the computer and help desk built in the illustration so she can add custom text to it at a later date.

Carol's portrait finals



Want to commission me?

I will be taking new projects to start around September 6, so send me an email at to discuss what you are wanting! 

I'm available for: web banners, portraits, posters, character design, comics, profile icons, etc. You can get ideas from my past commissions here.

Art update: Marceline, Freakazoid and more

Marceline eating a strawberry sketch

Just a quick update in between today's projects with a few sketches I did last week during warm ups!

Above is cutie Marceline from Adventure Time eating a strawberry. 

freakazoid sketches

I've been watching a ton of cartoons during my paper sketches and my favorite at the moment is old episodes of Freakazoid! I always thought Freakazoid and Steph were an adorable cartoon couple.

If you've never seen the show before, this is the first part of a great episode with both of them (second part is probably linked in the youtube page!):

freakazoid sketches

There were a few more Freakazoid sketches I did, but these two were the only ones I liked out of the bunch. He is kinda hard for me to draw!

More sketches after the cut… one might be sorta NSFW but it's not too bad! Just sexy super hero girls πŸ™‚

Continue reading

Art update: Kerorican, Marceline + commissions

A quick little art update for this week… first off – if you're going to San Diego Comic Con, go check out the "Girls Drawing Girls" booth and pick up their latest book (with my artwork inside!!)

I wont be there unfortunately, but tons of other talented ladies will be running the booth! πŸ™‚ Go here to find out who will be working at the booth and what stuff they will have!



Sketches for Tokyo Cutie logo design

And now onto some current work… Above are some logo sketches I did for a company called "Tokyo Cutie". They wanted everything to be hand drawn instead of using an existing font which was a little challenging for me but I enjoyed the work. Actually, I got so caught up in the letter designs that I accidentally added an extra "O" to one of them! Hahaha – Tokoyo Cutie it said. It's fixed now, but I thought that was kinda funny. πŸ™‚

Tokyo cutie logos

Here are the three finals that we came up with together. I think it's kinda interesting that so many of my clients like pink and turquoise together – I can't complain, I like it too! I think my favorite is the 3rd one… I don't have a link to their store yet, but when it's up and running I'll be sure to share! It sounds like it's going to sell super cute stuff!!

Rhyme Rider Kerorican fan art

Above and below is some fan art I did during warm up sketches this week… The frog girl is "Rhyme Rider Kerorican" (ラむムラむダー・ケロγƒͺカン) from an old wonderswan game. I love her goofy helmet – she's like a cute astronaut dancer girl. You can watch some of the game play here – it's a wacky rhythm game. It's not totally finished – I need to add the detail to the heart in her stomach, but over all I like it! I didn't plan on coloring this sketch as much as I did. πŸ™‚

The robot looking girl is an action figure I own… the character is "Fei Yen Kn" from the arcade Virtual On, but it's her as a tiger robot instead of her typical pink sailor moon-esque look. I don't remember the game being particularly fun, I just liked the design of the character and wanted to draw her because of all the little parts – I might finish it later and color it!

Fei Yen Kn tiger fan art

More warm up doodles – here are some plans I made for the Marceline (Adventure Time) costume I want to make for Dragon*Con! I haven't made a costume this elaborate in a while, so I'm kinda excited! I figured out cost of materials and how to make the guitar based on this deviant art entry, and I think it shouldn't be too bad! The main item making the cost so high right now are the red cowboy boots I've been pining after for a year – I would love to get them but if it doesn't fit in my budget before September I might have to pass!

Plans for my Marceline (Adventure Time) costume


Daaamn it's hot today. Glad to back at my air conditioned office! Also, Lunch outfit:

It's been a ridiculously busy week for me but I managed to sneak away for lunch with my mom today… I almost said no due to my workload, but I hadn't seen her in over a month! My aunt and my mom's fiance's granddaughter joined us. This is what I wore… and here is a peek at the cute lunch counter:


Oh and check out this awesome Creative Loafing newspaper mailbox! I love the tiger – too funny!! Well back to work I must go – hope you guys have a great weekend!!

Cute newspaper box

PS – If you'd like to hire me for a commission…

– portraits, logos, web banners, or whatever else you need illustrated –

Send me an email!

I'll be taking new projects on 2-3 weeks and would love to get something lined up for you!

Art update: Harry Potter sketch + recent commissions

Luna Lovegood's friends mural


"Luna had decorated her bedroom ceiling with five beautifully painted faces: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville. They were not moving as the portraits at Hogwarts moved, but there was a certain magic about them all the same: Harry thought they breathed. What appeared to be fine golden chains wove around the pictures, linking them together, but after examining them for a minute or so, Harry realized that the chains were actually one word, repeated a thousand times in golden ink: friends… friends… friends…"

I'm so excited to share this drawing I made this for my friend Lillian! It's the mural Luna Lovegood painted on her ceiling in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", which is why it's signed with her name. πŸ™‚ Lillian is recreating the Lovegood house as a wearable costume… and will be putting the mural inside when it is complete. She is still tinkering away on it though, so I'll share pics of her creation next week! 

Luna Lovegood's friends mural sketch

Here is the original sketch I did for this. I focused on doing this in a simple and slightly messy manner so it would look like Luna really did paint it on her ceiling. I'm very pleased with how it turned out! I might put a few prints of it in my etsy shop… would you guys be interested in that?


Sketches of Hannah

Here are some other commissions I've been finishing up. This one was a portrait of the lovely miss Hannah and her cute pup, which happens to look a lot like my dog!! Hooray for pudgy cute chihuahuas ❀

Hannah portrait

She picked the sketch on the right but had me change the dog's pose. I think my favorite part of this is her tattoo – I had a lot of fun drawing that! 

Web banner sketch & final

Last but not least, here is a web banner I did for Jaclyn Michele's blog, "A little bit hippie". She had an image she found online and liked, but wanted me to expand on the idea to make it look more personal. I think my favorite part of this drawing was figuring out how I wanted to do the rainbow. I can't wait to see it up on her blog! 

Off to bed I go – I can't wait to go see the new Harry Potter film!!

Art update: Girls drawing girls book + Costume sketches

Mermaids with hibiscus flowers


A little art update for this week… First up – my mermaid piece for the Girls Drawin' Girls book is complete! For those who missed the post in April, here are the sketches and concept work for this illustration. It was inspired by vintage photos of girls dressed as mermaids at Disneyland in the 60's!

I'm so excited to be a part of the Girls Drawin' Girls Vol. 4 book!! Some of my favorite illustrators are also in the book so I can't wait to get a copy and look through it all. 

If you'd like to get your own book, the GDG blog has a pre-sale page up and if you order early you get a pin-up bookplate with your purchase! Click the below image to read more info on the Girls Drawing Girls Vol. 4 book and how to buy it:


Harley Quinn romper idea

I also thought I'd share some sketches I did the other day. Sometimes I get wacky ideas for costumes I'd like to make… And before I start sewing, I sketch out the concept to see what I'd have to buy and how involved the design is. Recently I was kicking around the idea of making a Harley Quinn themed romper for Dragon*con! 

Harley quinn romper idea

I really like the idea that I came up with – it would be so simple and comfy to run around in! I decided not to make it though because I didn't think I'd wear it more than once. My concept though involved a simple halter romper working with the tattoo I have on my arm, chunky white plastic bracelets with black squiggles of rhinestones, possibly a blond wig, black heart shaped sunglasses and some cute platform 50's style shoes.

Sky doll costume ideas

I daydream about costume ideas a lot… Also, outfits to sew! I guess that sewing still lingers in the back of my head even though I stopped doing it many years ago. Here is another rough sketch I did a while back of some Noa costumes (from the comic "Sky Doll"). I was really excited to make them because the designs were so creative – but once I drew out all the pieces for the 3 different outfits I decided it was too much to do! These days, if I do sew anything I like to keep it simple so I can focus more on having fun.

Do you like to sew or sketch outfit ideas?