Kawaii craft night!

Recently, I was invited to join a creative group of ladies for a Kawaii Craft night which ended up being a super cute and fun event!!! I only knew one attendee in person but two were online friends that I had been looking forward to meeting, and I ended up making new friends with common interests which is always awesome!


Danielle hosted the event and even decorated her already super cute house to match the kawaii theme! Everyone brought adorable snacks to share too, making this treat table look amaaaazing!!


A peek at the purple layers of Linda's taro cake from Sweet Hut bakery & cafe after it was cut!


Danielle set up a super cute photo booth for everyone filled with kawaii props too!! Here are some of the photos I took – I didn't go nuts since I was feeling camera shy from pregnancy but I think next time I will take more! I loooove photo booths!!

With my friend Jenny


Our craft theme for the night was decoden (here is a good FAQ if you've never heard of it!). I decorated an old jelly jar in hopes to make it look like a cute cake container similar to this! Its still not done because I was worried about getting it home… I want to finish the container base with ribbons and more glitter paint, and add paper flames to the fake candles.

Everyone did a great job with their projects and it was so fun to see the different ideas executed! I really want to try decoden crafting again sometime now that I know how to do it – thank you for hosting and teaching us Danielle!!


Photo by Danielle Thompson Photography ❤

Baby crafts: Making a wreath for the nursery!


Posting a tutorial on my first baby craft for the nursery… I repurposed some of the left over paper handmade flowers from my wedding for a wreath! I had a ton left over since we used them for table arrangements and mini bouquets instead of real flowers… The paper flowers were originally made by etsy seller "TheCustomCouple" who do amazing work!! My flowers are over a year old now and still look brand new and lovely. I'm so glad I've held onto them in hopes of reusing them for a future craft! The color I purchased from them is "dark pink" and it's a pretty shade that isn't too soft or "hot pink".

If you'd like to try making your own paper flowers vs buying them, there are a lot of tutorials out there but I haven't tried myself so I can't personally recommend one for being the best… This Martha Stewart tutorial looks pretty good though! If you do make them yourself, be sure to put wire inside the flower stems so they will stay bent after you position them on the wreath base!


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Exciting news!! We’re having a baby <3

BabyGirl2015drawingI'm so happy to finally share that we're having a baby girl on March 4th, 2016!! To celebrate, here is a little announcement doodle I made for our nursery decor! ❤ I don't have any other news to share about it yet… but as we start decorating the nursery and planning for the big arrival, I'll be sure to post anything fun related to it here! ❤ Wheee exciting times!! 🙂

Sailor Moon x Q-Pot moon phase pocket watch!!

2015-07-07 17.01.21

I recently bought one of my dream items from the Q-Pot x Sailor Moon collaboration in Japan, and I uploaded an unboxing / review video of it last night! The item I got from the collection was the "Moon Phase Pocket Watch" necklace – this item is one of my favorite romantic pieces of imagery in the Sailor Moon story! My next favorite is the cutie moon rod in the manga since it was made from the combined love of Usagi and Mamoru! ❤ I'm such a sucker for their love story… Anyhow, onto the photos and video!


2015-07-08 07.31.07

2015-07-08 07.37.22


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Sailor Moon haul videos! Featuring Secret Honey & Samantha Vega items!!

2015-05-12 08.27.17

I've recently done a lot of traveling and also celebrated my birthday on June 7th, and due to all of this I've picked up some really exciting Sailor Moon things along way!! Some were things I found traveling, and others were birthday gifts. Since I love watching Sailor Moon collection videos and nerdy hauls, I've uploaded two videos share a bit of this stuff with you all!

The video above is of blind box Sailor Moon Crystal rubber keychains I found at Mitsuwa in NJ with my friends Sarah and Katie! Katie filmed Sarah and I opening them over lunch. I had never seen these keychains in person or online before our trip so I was really excited to see what they were like inside!! 

Next up is my birthday gifts from Isetan in Japan. Isetan had a special Sailor Moon collection released recently featuring this sailor cape hoodie by Secret Honey and Luna purse from Samantha Vega! They had a ton of other amazing items available too which you can see more about here and here. I've always wanted a super cute sailor style jacket and Luna is one of my favorite characters so I was incredibly happy to be able to get these items!! I also got some adorable Sailor Moon chocolates with a Luna charm – they were from a Valentine's day release but were still edible until the end of June! LOL (They are all gone now – yummm). Also included in the photo below is the new Sailor Moon perfect volume 1 I picked up in New York!! It's SO beautiful ! I hope they release it in english in America soon! I'll have it in another upcoming video.

More detail photos of the jacket and purse below…

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Excited about Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer!!


If you haven't heard already, there is a new Animal Crossing game coming out this year… "Happy Home Designer" and I'm SO EXCITED!!! I love the Animal Crossing series and have played each version that has come out so far – so I'll definitely be picking this up when it comes out in the fall!


The game play is different from past Animal Crossing games and is more about designing homes for other animals vs creating your own town it seems… I don't know a whole lot about the game yet, but I have heard Amiibo cards will be a big part of the game play! You can see a preview of the cards below:


They are also releasing a special edition of the 3ds XL with an Animal Crossing design on the outside!! I really love it ❤ I currently have a pink 3ds XL, but I'm very tempted to upgrade to this super cute edition since it has the new Amiibo card reader built in and is so adorable! :O They are also releasing a "skin" if you don't want to buy an entirely new 3ds but want an Animal Crossing design… I love the art for this – it's the first image in my post! You can read more about the new game and DS here!


Are you guys as excited about this new game release as I am?!

I still play Animal Crossing New Leaf on my DS, and if you'd like to check out my town here is my code:

ACNL Dream Address: 5500-2293-0641

Comment with your code if you'd like to share!


I love Shirokuma Cafe!


I am so in love with the show Polar Bear's Cafe!! (also known as Shirokuma Cafe in Japan!) I know it's not a new show, but it's new to me since I started watching it a few months ago on Crunchy Roll. It makes me so happy that I wanted to make a quick little post about it! ❤

 The show follows a Panda that befriends a group of animals who hang out at Polar Bear's cafe. They go on cute adventures and the stories are "slice of life" style – my favorite! Panda is a hilarious character who ends up working part time at the zoo in between their adventures… so now when I'm at the Atlanta zoo I like to joke that that the two pandas there are him and his coworker! 



There isn't too much else to say about the show without sharing spoilers…

so I'll just share some of my favorite photos I have saved!


ShirokumaCafeOpening2 ImSoCute KoalaisCuteToo

If you haven't seen this show yet and you love cute animals, simple funny stories and animation, I highly recommend you check out Polar Bear's Cafe!! You can watch it on Crunchy Roll right now! 🙂

This Sunday is my birthday and I'm looking forward to wearing my new panda scarf and going to visit "Panda-Kun" and his coworker at the zoo again to celebrate! LOL! Here is a cute photo I took of them recently… I can totally picture the one napping in a weird pose as Panda-kun! haha!


Super cute Disney dresses by Secret Honey in Japan

Japanese brand "Secret Honey by Honey Bunch"  has been making a ton of amazing Disney dresses for casual wear and I love them so much! I just recently became aware of them and thought it might be fun to share a few of my favs in case any of you haven't seen them yet:


  • Marie circle skirt and hoodie ãƒãƒƒã‚¯ãƒªãƒœãƒ³ã‚µãƒ¼ã‚­ãƒ¥ãƒ©ãƒ¼ã‚¹ã‚«ãƒ¼ãƒˆ(マリーver)
  • Marie jumper dress éŸ³ç¬¦ã‚´ãƒ–ランジャンパードレス(マリーver)
  • Marie music note skirt with suspenders ã‚µã‚¹ãƒšãƒ³ãƒ€ãƒ¼ä»˜ãè£¾éŸ³ç¬¦ã‚¹ã‚«ãƒ¼ãƒˆ(マリーver)



  • Rapunzel chiffon lantern dress ã‚·ãƒ•ã‚©ãƒ³ãƒ©ãƒ³ã‚¿ãƒ³æŸ„ワンピース(ラプンツェルver)
  • Elsa Tulle Flower dress ãƒãƒ¥ãƒ¼ãƒ«ãƒ•ãƒ©ãƒ¯ãƒ¼ãƒ¯ãƒ³ãƒ”ース(アナと雪の女王 エルサのサプライズver)
  • Sunflower Anna dress ã²ã¾ã‚ã‚ŠæŸ„ワンピース(アナと雪の女王 エルサのサプライズver)



  • Jasmine Arabian midi dress ã‚¢ãƒ©ãƒ“アンミディアムワンピース(ジャスミンver)
  • Ariel Kiss the Girl dress ã‚­ã‚¹ãƒ»ã‚¶ãƒ»ã‚¬ãƒ¼ãƒ«ãƒ¯ãƒ³ãƒ”ース(アリエルver)
  • Snow White comic print dress ã‚³ãƒŸãƒƒã‚¯æŸ„リアルワンピース(白雪姫ver)



  • Ariel Under the Sea Yukata ã‚¢ãƒ³ãƒ€ãƒ¼ãƒ»ã‚¶ãƒ»ã‚·ãƒ¼å¸¯ä»˜æµ´è¡£(アリエルver)
  • Ariel Under the Sea long dress ã‚¢ãƒ³ãƒ€ãƒ¼ãƒ»ã‚¶ãƒ»ã‚·ãƒ¼2WAYロングワンピース(アリエルver)

What do you think of these dresses?! Some are a little costume-y but I think they would be SUPER fun to wear to a Disney Park or event! My favorite out of all of them is the Ariel Under the Sea long dress and the Elsa Tulle flower dress – they are so pretty! You can see more cute Disney inspired clothing and other adorable outfits at their main site: http://www.est-s.co.jp/