Getting ready to go to Disney!

In exactly one week I’ll be going to Disney World with my daughter and mother for the 2017 Epcot Flower and Garden festival!! I’ll also be going to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs and possibly Hollywood Studios… but the Flower and Garden festival is the true highlight of this trip for me since I’ve never been!

I did a drawing recently of the things I’m excited about for my upcoming trip! Mostly Epcot and Disney Springs things… I’ve been to Disney Springs once, but it was a quick visit at night. I’m looking forward to going during the day and doing a little shopping and eating!

Can’t wait to post about our trip when we get back!

March favorites


A few of my friends recently made some adorable illustrations of the things they enjoyed throughout March and I thought it might be fun to reflect on what I enjoyed as well through a doodle!

Sparkling raspberry seltzer water – Ohhh, I adore sparkling water. I don’t drink much coffee or wine, and soda is even rarer for me… so this is my go to special drink! I love a plain pellegrino but I’ve recently been enjoying Kroger brand seltzer water in raspberry! Delish!

Beautiful spring flowers – I love walking everywhere when possible. The weather has warmed up a bit which allows me to walk several times a day with my baby and dog. On my walks I’ve been enjoying all the beautiful spring blooms that have popped up! I’ve been posting a lot of photos of these on instagram and twitter:

Scalloped shorts in pink and blue – I picked up two colorful pairs of shorts from Lilly Pulitzer recently and I love the fun color and details they are going to bring to my spring and summer wardrobe!

Ice dream cones – I’m all about the Chickfila ice cream cones this spring as my favorite dessert. So yummy!

Spring reading – My friend Alley inspired me to check out my library after a long hiatus… I’ve been picking up a ton of wonderfully illustrated books (many of which I plan to share on booktube videos!)… I’ve also just finished the book, “Together in the Dream: The Unique Careers of a Husband and Wife in the Early Decades of Walt Disney World” by Suzanne Ogren and R.J. Ogren. If you’re a Disney park fan like me (particularly Walt Disney World) then you might enjoy this book… It’s the stories of a couple that both worked at Disney World during its early years – driving monorails, painting animatronics, dancing in parades and other exciting jobs. I enjoyed it so much I’m currently reading the sequel!

Baby crafts: Making a wreath for the nursery!


Posting a tutorial on my first baby craft for the nursery… I repurposed some of the left over paper handmade flowers from my wedding for a wreath! I had a ton left over since we used them for table arrangements and mini bouquets instead of real flowers… The paper flowers were originally made by etsy seller "TheCustomCouple" who do amazing work!! My flowers are over a year old now and still look brand new and lovely. I'm so glad I've held onto them in hopes of reusing them for a future craft! The color I purchased from them is "dark pink" and it's a pretty shade that isn't too soft or "hot pink".

If you'd like to try making your own paper flowers vs buying them, there are a lot of tutorials out there but I haven't tried myself so I can't personally recommend one for being the best… This Martha Stewart tutorial looks pretty good though! If you do make them yourself, be sure to put wire inside the flower stems so they will stay bent after you position them on the wreath base!


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Exciting news!! We’re having a baby <3

BabyGirl2015drawingI'm so happy to finally share that we're having a baby girl on March 4th, 2016!! To celebrate, here is a little announcement doodle I made for our nursery decor! ❤ I don't have any other news to share about it yet… but as we start decorating the nursery and planning for the big arrival, I'll be sure to post anything fun related to it here! ❤ Wheee exciting times!! 🙂

Our 2014 San Francisco trip


A belated little travel post… I have a lot of fun trip photos I've been meaning to share! This set of pictures and video is from our trip to San Francisco this past May – and since we are going back this May I thought it was an appropriate time to finally share these! My husband, Chris, went to go run in the Bay to Breakers race and I tagged along with him to do fun touristy stuff while we were there! (When this posts I'll actually be on my way back to SF for the same exact race!!) We visited the Walt Disney Museum and saw the fabulous Mary Blair exhibit, relieved a tiny bit of our old Japan trip at the Japanese tea garden, ate many delicious meals and desserts, took sticker pictures at Japan town and visited with my friend Wendy! This was also the first time I got to see Chris run in a race which was super exciting!!! 

So onto the good stuff – all my photos and videos!


Relaxing morning before adventure begins! ✨ Reliving a tiny bit of our Japan trip Untitled

Delicious mochi and tea in the Japanese garden…


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My Disney World Bachelorette trip + haul!!

This is post #1 in my Disney World Bachelorette trip series! I took so many photos I want to share that I decided to break it down to a post per day we were there. To start off the series, here is a YouTube video I filmed in October talking about my trip and sharing a mini haul of what I got at Disney World and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Stay tuned for more pics!! ❤


We got married this weekend!!


The Wedding party!

Photo by Tim Harman

This past Saturday Chris and I got married!! It was the most magical day ever and everything went so great!

Now that I'm done with wedding planning I'm going to start sharing posts about my bridal shower, some engagement pics, the Disney World bachelorette party… and then I'll blog about our fairy tale themed wedding when I get the official pics from our photographer in!! (Annnnd then finally I'll catch up on some travel/Japan posts and drawing… whew!! It's a lot! lol)

Finally get to wear this pin!!!

So check back for more wedding posts through out October! ❤