March favorites


A few of my friends recently made some adorable illustrations of the things they enjoyed throughout March and I thought it might be fun to reflect on what I enjoyed as well through a doodle!

Sparkling raspberry seltzer water – Ohhh, I adore sparkling water. I don’t drink much coffee or wine, and soda is even rarer for me… so this is my go to special drink! I love a plain pellegrino but I’ve recently been enjoying Kroger brand seltzer water in raspberry! Delish!

Beautiful spring flowers – I love walking everywhere when possible. The weather has warmed up a bit which allows me to walk several times a day with my baby and dog. On my walks I’ve been enjoying all the beautiful spring blooms that have popped up! I’ve been posting a lot of photos of these on instagram and twitter:

Scalloped shorts in pink and blue – I picked up two colorful pairs of shorts from Lilly Pulitzer recently and I love the fun color and details they are going to bring to my spring and summer wardrobe!

Ice dream cones – I’m all about the Chickfila ice cream cones this spring as my favorite dessert. So yummy!

Spring reading – My friend Alley inspired me to check out my library after a long hiatus… I’ve been picking up a ton of wonderfully illustrated books (many of which I plan to share on booktube videos!)… I’ve also just finished the book, “Together in the Dream: The Unique Careers of a Husband and Wife in the Early Decades of Walt Disney World” by Suzanne Ogren and R.J. Ogren. If you’re a Disney park fan like me (particularly Walt Disney World) then you might enjoy this book… It’s the stories of a couple that both worked at Disney World during its early years – driving monorails, painting animatronics, dancing in parades and other exciting jobs. I enjoyed it so much I’m currently reading the sequel!

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