Baby crafts: Making a wreath for the nursery!


Posting a tutorial on my first baby craft for the nursery… I repurposed some of the left over paper handmade flowers from my wedding for a wreath! I had a ton left over since we used them for table arrangements and mini bouquets instead of real flowers… The paper flowers were originally made by etsy seller "TheCustomCouple" who do amazing work!! My flowers are over a year old now and still look brand new and lovely. I'm so glad I've held onto them in hopes of reusing them for a future craft! The color I purchased from them is "dark pink" and it's a pretty shade that isn't too soft or "hot pink".

If you'd like to try making your own paper flowers vs buying them, there are a lot of tutorials out there but I haven't tried myself so I can't personally recommend one for being the best… This Martha Stewart tutorial looks pretty good though! If you do make them yourself, be sure to put wire inside the flower stems so they will stay bent after you position them on the wreath base!


For the wreath base I purchased this metal base from the craft section at Walmart for $2.77. I wrapped 28 flowers around the metal base alternating from the top ring to the bottom ring (skipping the middle) and then pushed the petals in between the flowers to fill the gaps…


I also decided to repurpose one of the gift bags left over from my baby shower! This bag had a raised cardboard piece on the front that matched the flowers perfectly, so I gently removed it and the ribbons attached to the top of the bag to hang from the center of the wreath. I also used part of the ribbon to create a loop to hang the wreath with!

Here is a glimpse of the back of the wreath and the way I attached the card board and ribbon. It's nothing too fancy – I used clear tape so I could reposition the paper if needed, and looped the ribbon around the frame until I felt ok with the length. Almost all of this wreath assembly was just eyeballing things as I went!

PaperFlowerWreath3 PaperFlowerWreath5


I'm really happy with how the wreath turned out! It was a pretty simple project and took about 30 minutes to assemble. I currently have it hanging on the nursery door ready for when our little one comes home around March 4th ❀ After her arrival, I'll probably switch out the paper sign for her first initial or a cute little creature since the nursery is a girly forest theme.

I hope this post inspired you to try making your own wreath or using paper flowers for decorations!! 



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