Sailor Moon haul videos! Featuring Secret Honey & Samantha Vega items!!

2015-05-12 08.27.17

I've recently done a lot of traveling and also celebrated my birthday on June 7th, and due to all of this I've picked up some really exciting Sailor Moon things along way!! Some were things I found traveling, and others were birthday gifts. Since I love watching Sailor Moon collection videos and nerdy hauls, I've uploaded two videos share a bit of this stuff with you all!

The video above is of blind box Sailor Moon Crystal rubber keychains I found at Mitsuwa in NJ with my friends Sarah and Katie! Katie filmed Sarah and I opening them over lunch. I had never seen these keychains in person or online before our trip so I was really excited to see what they were like inside!! 

Next up is my birthday gifts from Isetan in Japan. Isetan had a special Sailor Moon collection released recently featuring this sailor cape hoodie by Secret Honey and Luna purse from Samantha Vega! They had a ton of other amazing items available too which you can see more about here and here. I've always wanted a super cute sailor style jacket and Luna is one of my favorite characters so I was incredibly happy to be able to get these items!! I also got some adorable Sailor Moon chocolates with a Luna charm – they were from a Valentine's day release but were still edible until the end of June! LOL (They are all gone now – yummm). Also included in the photo below is the new Sailor Moon perfect volume 1 I picked up in New York!! It's SO beautiful ! I hope they release it in english in America soon! I'll have it in another upcoming video.

More detail photos of the jacket and purse below…

2015-05-13 16.13.45

2015-05-13 16.18.12 2015-05-13 16.16.19 2015-05-13 16.10.52
I couldn't help but put together a goofy casual closet cosplay below of Human Luna after opening everything up… This is what I imagine her dressing like for day-to-day stuff! (I really want to draw this soon!) If you've never seen Luna in her human form, I highly recommend watching the Sailor Moon S movie where she is featured!!

2015-05-13 18.47.38

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