My Samantha Thavasa Cinderella wallet + Samantha Vega purse review




I recently purchased a new purse and wallet from Samantha Thavasa petit choice and Samantha Vega and I'm SO happy with them that I decided to do a review! I first heard about Samantha Thavasa's bags a few years ago from a Non-no magazine I bought in Hawaii but wasn't sure what the quality was like or if it was worth the price… When I went to visit Japan in 2013, I finally got to see the bags in person and I was really impressed! They were not only cute but made very well for the price. I didn't end up buying a bag but I kept my eye on their website after that in case I found something I'd like to order…

Recently, I fell in love with the Cinderella wallet by their Petit Choice line and the bow bag from their Samantha Vega line, and I finally decided to save up the money and use a shopping service to get them. I'm so glad I did – they have turned out to be really cute and practical pieces in my wardrobe! 

The shopping service I used to order my purse and wallet is! I've now ordered many things with them and definitely recommend their service if you are trying to buy something that is only sold in Japan!


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