Super Sailor Moon Petit Chara figures review!


All the new merchandise that has been released for the Sailor Moon 20th anniversary and for Sailor Moon Crystal has been so exciting !! I've been very tempted to buy a lot of it, but so far I've only but a few small items… 2 of those are the "petit chara" Super Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon figures above! 

I really love the detail in these tiny and cute figures! I highly recommend them and I made the above review video for anyone curious about them. I really want to get the Tuxedo Mask figure next!!

I bought my figures off of amazon, but unfortunately the seller no longer has this set of two figures available… However, you can get them also on eBay!


My favorite things

There are many items that I've admired from the recent releases – above are some of my favorites from the Isetan collection, Samantha Vega and Q-Pot. I feel like pairing the luna purse with the pocket watch necklace and one of those clothing items would make such a cute outfit!!! 

What merchandise are you most excited about for Sailor Moon?!




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