My cute mug collection!

I made a video featuring my current cute mug and tea cup collection! I've been collecting various cute cups for over 10 years and I'm excited to share a few of them with you guys! Unfortunately, over the years many did not stand the test of time and most the cups featured in this video are very new… I'm learning to be more careful with my collection though so hopefully some day I'll have an even larger amount to make a video about! 

Below are some pics of the cups featured in the video πŸ™‚

My view from the tea party yesterday. My cup has a mimosa in it ✨

The flamingo teapot mentioned in the video and the heart shaped tea cup and saucer! See how it makes a lovely heart shape when there is liquid inside? 

Morning pumpkin spice tea

The tiny sugar cube that is inside the Tenorikuma mug… Love little details like this!


In the video I said that I thought this cat's name was Nyanko, but I found out it's actually Nemukko Nyago!

Using my new cat teabag tray from @wearableplanter

My Rilakkuma mug with the tea bag holder!!


Fresh raspberries on cold cereal & espresso

The angel wing espresso cup.

Homemade cappuccino!

My super old Cinnamoroll mug!

My new mug

I have a few more mugs that I wasn't able to show in the video unfortunately… Some are at my office currently, or packed away with holiday decorations (like the one above!). I can't wait to use that little penguin mug when we get out our Christmas decorations!!

Do you collect cute mugs and cups too? Have any good places you like to get them?

Let me know!

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