We got married this weekend!!


The Wedding party!

Photo by Tim Harman

This past Saturday Chris and I got married!! It was the most magical day ever and everything went so great!

Now that I'm done with wedding planning I'm going to start sharing posts about my bridal shower, some engagement pics, the Disney World bachelorette party… and then I'll blog about our fairy tale themed wedding when I get the official pics from our photographer in!! (Annnnd then finally I'll catch up on some travel/Japan posts and drawing… whew!! It's a lot! lol)

Finally get to wear this pin!!!

So check back for more wedding posts through out October! ❀


18 thoughts on “We got married this weekend!!

  1. Molly says:

    Congrats!!! You look fantastic!!!! I have a question for you, I am getting married soon myself and am wondering if you have a workout routine or diet you follow? I am trying to get into shape and thought you might have some input. You have always seemed to be very slim though so maybe you do not do anything at all (if so…LUCKY).


  2. Sanasaurus says:

    I didn’t do a specific routine or work out for the wedding, but I have been doing β€œstuff for the past few years. I wear a fitbit pedometer and make sure I get a minimum of 10k steps a day when possible, and I try to be active in some sort of routine. I’ve never really enjoyed sports, but to have a routine I did casual cycling, hula hooping for a year, then TRX and walking, and this past year I’ve been running which I surprisingly like! (People say running can help you lose weight β€œfast, but I haven’t been doing it consistently to see much change, I just do it for fun while listening to Disney music.) My current day job is pretty active too – I walk off and on all day, and lift a ton of packages for stocking our kitchen and delivering things to employees… I also walk a lot on the weekends to coffee shops and our downtown area to keep in good shape for when I travel. Outside of exercise, I focus on making sure I eat a variety of foods, healthy portions (eat till your 80% full theory is helpful!) and very little fast food, soda, cake, candy, alcohol or extra sugar/salt. (I love chocolate but try to eat it in the dark fancy bar form a block at a time since a lot of candy bars have extra stuff added) Drink a lot of water too, it’s great for your complexion and helps maintaining a good diet be easier!
    So long story short: I just focus on staying active, eating good portions/a balanced diet and not sitting too much. Doing all these things have really helped me maintain my weight since college and have made me a lot happier when I travel or in day-to-day activities!! So if you decide to change things for your wedding, just make sure they are changes that are somewhat fun/interesting and you can incorporate into your lifestyle going forward – it’ll stick much better that way!


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