Drawings and life update

Snow day

I'm sure those who follow my blog are wondering why I haven't made my Friday Japan updates yet. I wanted to let you all know they are still coming – I just had a few things pop up that have kept me from working on my blog recently. Our friend's father passed away recently and we spent one weekend going to visit for his funeral, and this past week I was snowed/iced in at my mom's. There has been some crazy weather going on in Atlanta lately… What's even more nuts is it's warm this week!! Above is a photo of my mom's backyard and below is my neice and her dog playing outside in the snow.

Snow day

I chose to stay at my mom's during the ice storm since the news was predicting many homes in Atlanta would lose power and I didn't have a fireplace to keep me warm if that happened. (I wasn't sure where I'd go with my dog to stay warm!!) She lives an hour south of Atlanta, and has two fireplaces and plenty of room for guests – so she invited me to come stay with her and work remotely. Plus, Chris was out of town in California so it would be a nice way to be in company of other's during what would be a long, cold and possibly lonely week for me. How could I say no?!

Clothes from the Nana manga

The power never did go out at her house thankfully, but it was really nice to be together with my family and her husband's family during the wintery weather. I worked remotely while I was there (I'm very busy with moving the company into a new building!), and in the evenings I ate meals with everyone, worked on drawings (I'm experimenting with watercolor right now!) and started re-reading the manga, "Nana", by Ai Yazawa on my kindle. I was so inspired I decided to draw some of my favorite clothing items from the manga that Nana Osaki wears. I remember thinking Nana was so cool when I first read this in college many years ago, but now that I'm older I realize I have more in common with Hachi personality and style-wise. I still admire Nana's cool Vivienne Westwood clothes though!

I also drew some of my favorite items from the new Kate Spade spring collection. It's travel inspired and so cute! My favorite items are the French themed pieces – I really hope to get the bow coat, purse and hat when they go on sale eventually. Gotta save up!

Clothes from Kate Spade's Spring 2014 collection


So that's why there haven't been posts the past two weeks. I'm hoping to get back on track next week since I have my first day in Kyoto almost ready to share. (It's been hard to decided how to split up the posts!!) My only obstacles in the way of posting right now is finding spare time between work's big moving project, running (I started couch to 5k last month!), reading/relaxing and drawing for the blog. Seems like spare time is hard to come by these days but I promise to post! 🙂 So please stay tuned ❤

Have a good weekend everyone!

5 thoughts on “Drawings and life update

  1. I saw that coat and thought, “There’s your chance, San!”
    I like it when companies put out similar/popular items just in case anyone missed out around the first time. The first time I got into Kate Spade was when I saw her owl bag (Sherwood) from 2009, I think. I wanted it soooo bad, but it was so expensive for me at the time.
    Years later, my fiance surprised me with the other Kate Spade owl bag (Maximilian) and its cute coin purse! I adore that bag and it’s one of my most prized possessions.
    I think Dorothy is a bit cuter than Suzette. I hope you are able to get it!


  2. Love the illustrations! Very cute!
    I can’t believe how much snow Atlanta got, how crazy! Glad you were safe and cozy through all of the craziness.
    Ah, I love Nana! I never finished the anime, I really should do that. It just got so sad at the end, I didn’t want to see what happened. I really love Ai Yazawa’s work (Paradise Kiss is my favorite manga) so I really should read the Nana manga, too. Did you buy the Kindle version or find them on a website somewhere?


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