Obsessed with Q-pot jewelry and cafe!!


So, I think I mentioned recently that I went to Hawaii in October… (I still need to blog about that epic trip) While I was there I did a little bit of shopping, and one of my favorite shops I went to was Q-Pot! If you aren't familiar with Q-Pot, it's a Japanese jewelry and accessory store where everything is food or ghost themed (the ghost is their mascot!). The jewelry is so well crafted that most of it looks like real food!! As you can imagine, the majority of the food items are adorable pastries, cupcakes, candies and other sweet items. They even sell teeth themed jewelry to go along with the concept of sugary stuff. ;) 

Above is a picture of the Hawaii storefront I took – the decor in this store is AMAZING. You aren't allowed to take photos inside unfortunately, but you can still see the whipped cream handles on the doors, the white chocolate display counters and the milk pitchers turned upside down for lights! They also had a special Frankenweenie/Halloween set up going on! (The broom by the door would dance around the shop on its own moving in the way a roomba does. So cute!) Below are some photos of the cute store decor from their offical facebook page:




A close up of some of the Halloween items they had on display in the shop window. I really loved it all and I wish I could have taken everything home with me!! Unfortunately, Q-Pot items are a little pricey and the holiday items were even MORE pricey, so I could only get a few pieces of jewelry and went with some of their basic items:


I picked up a Hawaii exclusive macaron necklace and phone charm (which I might also turn into a necklace!), a fancy macaron purse charm and then a strawberry cupcake ring. For those who don't know, Strawberry cake is my favorite kind of cake!! 


Ever since I visited the shop I've been obsessed with their brand – its all SO CUTE! On top of having stores in Japan, they also have recently opened a Q-Pot cafe where you can eat all the pastries and chocolates that the jewelry is modeled after. How awesome is that?! Above is a photo from inside the Q-Pot cafe!

Below – Edible treats on the left, and the real jewelry on the right!


I haven't been to the cafe myself, but I hope to go when my boyfriend and I go to Japan next year. Until then, you should check out these two blog posts for some amazing photos: maisassygirl.blogspot.com and otajo.jp !



Have any of you heard of Q-Pot before or are as obsessed about it as I am?! If you are hoping to obtain some of these adorable jewelry treats and live in the US, then you are in luck: Today Q-Pot launched their US online store – EXCITING!! Here is a link to the new US Q-Pot store: https://shop.q-pot.us/index.htm

You can also find out more about Q-Pot here:



4 thoughts on “Obsessed with Q-pot jewelry and cafe!!

  1. Mandie says:

    I did not know their mascot was a ghost! The ghost necklace you posted is so cute. I think you made some great decisions on the items you picked up, they definitely look real enough to eat!


  2. Melissa Dominic says:

    OH! I have a knockoff of the Macaron phone charm, now that I realize it!!! It’s like, one of my fave things (though, now I totally want one of theirs cause it has a lil pearl. Adorable!!!!
    (i have a super deco-den cell phone with a macaron phone charm, a pearl and lace and bow back and even a tiny cup of coffee as the anti-dust plug, so, you can see why all that excited me)
    I’d love to go there, I love the fixtures! the chocolate bar design, eee!!


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