Things I’m excited about!

Played around with my bento supplies to make breakfast for tomorrow!

Things I'm excited about this Monday:

  • Making cute meals – on a whim I got out my bento supplies last night to make myself breakfast this morning! I have these cute hard boiled egg molds that I have NEVER used, and I was like "Its TIME!!" haha – I'm so glad I finally did. I really like how the bunny turned out – I need to practice a little more at peeling eggs while they are hot though so it's has a smoother surface.
  • Angelic Pretty's Cinema Doll collectionI'm really excited about this collection! I've never really bought lolita brand clothes before, but this is really cute and I think it would go well with stuff in my wardrobe already… I'm contemplating saving up for it! Image from Angelic Pretty's tumblr.

  • Kamikaze Girls – After looking through EGL sales on LJ and getting excited about the new Angelic Pretty collection I'm now really wanting to watch this again. I might do it tonight!!
  • – I found out about this through my boyfriend… It's a website and iphone app where people DJ music, and it's set up into different rooms for different genre's of music. My favorites are the ambient chillout, coding soundtrack and dubstep. I tend to listen to it while driving (Not with headphones! My car has bluetooth) or at home on the computer while I do stuff. It's awesome!! New music all the time πŸ˜€
  • Big changes in my city – a lot of progress is being made on the Beltline (a huge pedestrian/cycling path and light-rail system project), the Atlanta Streetcar project is also making way and will be done in less than a year, Ponce City Market (another huge Atlanta project) just opened their first shop: Dancing Goats coffee and I can't wait to check it out!! And then there is also the huge Living Walls mural project which is happening all around where I live. Such exciting times for our city!


  • Learning a foreign language – Right now I'm learning the basics of Japanese hiragana and then around October I am going to start taking classes if all goes well! It's in preparation for our trip to Japan in October 2013!! When we went to France in 2008 I made a promise to myself that if I ever traveled to another country again I'd make the effort to learn the language before hand… I decided this because I always wanted to learn French but never made the effort because I thought I wouldn't get to use it – and then boom I went to France! So never say never – It's always fun to try and learn new things too πŸ™‚
  • Planning an epic girls trip to SF! I miss my girlfriends in New York and it sounds like we might plan an awesome girls trip to San Francisco together!! Fingers crossed it happens this December.
  • My outfit today – Last but not least, I'm excited about what I'm wearing!! It's really casual, but the shirt is new and I adore the print. I bought it second hand from EGL sales and it's from the brand "Banana Fish" which is no longer in business (Sad!!) but they made amazing clothes. 

Pink and black casual cat Monday.

What are you excited about today? 

7 thoughts on “Things I’m excited about!

  1. Oh gosh, I’m seeing lolita clothing/accessories everywhere these days and I want it! Have you read Cute in Korea? ( Liz Lorini, the blogger (and one of my all-time favorite illustrators/artists), who is not a lolita, has been posting recently about trying out lolita outfits for gatherings in Korea. Everything looks so cute!
    Anyway, what am I excited about? Moving to a new house soon! And my business launch!


  2. The AP Cinema Doll collection is incredibly cute, I love it! The stripy socks are especially lovely. It’s been a long time since I got something from AP, they’re definitely my favourite Lolita brand, I feel that their style is more adventurous than many other brands out there!
    (That lunchbox is way adorable, too β™₯)


  3. Oooh, where do you plan to visit in Japan? I’m currently living in Kyushu studying Japanese πŸ˜€ I haven’t looked around the city much but I already know of at least one store (in Fukuoka) that sells Angelic Pretty and other Loli/Goth clothing. γŒγ‚“γ°γ£γ¦ with your studying!
    I’m also excited about learning Japanese~


  4. We are thinking Tokyo for sure, and we were going to visit Kyoto as well because a friend was living there but she has already moved back to the states… so Im not sure! My boyfriend wants to see a Keirin race so I imagine we will go wherever that is! That is so cool you are study in Japan!! What a great way to learn!


  5. I have the same bunny egg mold as you San and only used it once! I really need to use it more often seeing I have been eating a lot of hard boiled egg recently for protein.


  6. Switched up dates! I am going to Japan in October of this year and then to New York in December. Excited!
    Your blog makes me super happy, and so does your new hair. Hope you finish the layout soon!


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