My outfit on “Street Cred” and an interview!

Waaaay back in February I met up with Atlanta photographer Jason Travis to take outfit photos for a series he was doing with a few fashion websites… Time passed and I had kinda forgotten about it and then in May they were finally posted!! I really like how they turned out and thought I'd share some of it here:

photo by Jason Travis

How would you describe your style?

Edgy girliness meets pop pin up with a dash of cute culture. My wardrobe mostly consists of bold jeweltones, leopard print, statement jewelry, unique bags or shoes, punky jackets, party dresses, bustier tops, cute accessories with animal faces or bows and lots of gaudy glitter and rhinestones.

Main design influence?

I’m really inspired by pin up looks from 1940s and 50s, valley girls and punky looks from the 1980s and Tokyo street fashion. It’s a weird combo, but it feels really natural to me when I mix it all together. My favorite style muses are Dita Von Teese, Cyndi Lauper, Betsey Johnson and Katy Perry. The movie Earth Girls are Easy (1988) was a big fashion inspiration growing up too – its a great example of the kind of stuff that I love and Julie Brown looks fabulous in it.

You can read more at the original post on 


photo by Jason Travis


I also did an interview around this time for KC's blog Ric Rac Heart Attack and it was posted in May too! Here is a little snippet from the interview:

1. What is a typical day for you? 

I run a lot of errands outside the house to keep from going stir crazy, answer emails, work on blog posts or freelance projects and in the evening I try to turn off the computer and focus on relaxing with my boyfriend, friends or family.

2.Where are you currently grabbing you inspiration for design and fashion from?

Pinterest! I loooove pinterest. My computer loves it too because I'm no longer saving inspiration photos on my hard drive and clogging it up. πŸ˜‰

3. How do you manage to keep an organized schedule as your own boss? are there any tools you utilize to help?

I use two programs on my computer – "Pomodoro" for time management and "Things" to keep track of my to-do and schedule. They are amazing and I don't know where I'd be without them!

4. What do you do to unwind?

I love going window shopping, exercising and dancing, going on adventures with my boyfriend and friends, taking photos and traveling. If I don't do those things I go crazy!!

You can read more of the interview at KC's website!


10 thoughts on “My outfit on “Street Cred” and an interview!

  1. Katie says:

    The last picture of you from the Street Cred site is super gorgeous of you!! ❀ ❀
    We may not have the same style…at all…hahaha…but I adore your style so much, San!


  2. Cristal Bernal says:

    Oh! I’ve always wanted to come out with my own children’s book, but I have no idea about what, so I’m putting that on the back burner until an idea comes up. Good luck on that! And I hope you accomplish that one. I love children’s books and your illustrations. πŸ™‚


  3. Kelsea says:

    This is awesome! Speaking of Pinterest (I read the full interview), I pinned that first image from the interview post. Balloons, party dresses, and graffiti? Three of my favorite things in one picture. Too amazing!


  4. Kelsea says:

    P.S. This outfit is so amazing too. I was going to say something about it, then clicked the link to read the interview and was so excited about the other image that I forgot. Well, your style is awesome. End of story. =)


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