Makeup I love video + what I wore!

I don't know what is up with the goofy face it selected for the thumbnail hehehe… Buuut! I was kinda inspired today to finally get around making a video about my favorite make up products! In this video I mention what I wear on a daily basis, and then a few items I wear on a less daily basis. I'm not a huge makeup wearer, but I've been using the products mentioned for a while now and can definitely recommend them! 


Makeup mentioned in the video:


What I'm wearing today for photos!! I'm excited! Love this dress.

And for the curious, this is what I'm wearing in the video! Today I met up with amazing photographer Jason Travis and had outfit photos taken for! I had a lot of fun even though the day was kinda dreary and it started to rain. I'll post more about it when the photos are online! πŸ™‚ ❀

Hope you guys enjoy this post! Let me know what your favorite makeup products are or if you have any suggestions for me!


14 thoughts on “Makeup I love video + what I wore!

  1. “It doesn’t even look like you have anything on!”
    My mom says the SAME THING!
    For my birthday (21, weee!) I bought Clinique’s Different Lipstick in Raspberry Glaze. I’ve been looking for that perfect pink that looks almost natural, but definitively not nude. I can’t describe it… Just, when I put it on with a fresh face and just a dab of blush and black liner, I just feel like it looks off-duty model! πŸ˜€
    Considering we wear similar colours (ahem, our old pink hair and all those lipsticks!), I think it’d look super on you! πŸ˜€


  2. Lately I have been shying away from makeup (I don’t get out much, too much working on the nursery and such) I use the MAC Mineralize Blush as well, I have been using it for 3 years. I love the way it goes on and the way it looks with my skin tone. I used to hate wearing blush (I always felt it made me look like a clown!) but this stuff changed my ways. I also use the Mineralize powder as a base (I am not a fan of foundation at all).
    Actually 95% of my makeup is MAC. I love their eye shadows, especially their Frost shadows, they go on so smooth and have an amazing glittery shine to them. Eye liner has always been something I searched and searched for and I finally fell in love with MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack which I apply with an angled brush, so much easier than any pencil or prepackaged system, I can control how much I have on my brush and how it is applied.
    However, mascara is the one thing I have a problem picking, I have been through at least 5 brands and always have the same problem, they make my eyelashes stick together and it’s very obnoxious to me. So I am still on the hunt for a good mascara.
    Your videos are always so informative and adorable! πŸ™‚


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