Record Store Girl comic #1

I think its safe to share comic #1 here now that its no longer in print…! I just wrapped up comic #3, so when that is published I'll share #2! πŸ˜€ Enjoy!

And if you missed my intro post about this, you can go here to read more about my comic in Magnet magazine! The plot is about local record store girl, Lillian (who is real and works at Criminal Records!) and her adventures with the record stores she interacts with at work. I do the writing and illustrating, and the concepts are drafted up by the lovely folks at Criminal Records. It's an interesting project so far!

You can pick up a copy for yourself at your local record shop ❀

More coming later on the comic!

9 thoughts on “Record Store Girl comic #1

  1. Cazz says:

    About time you did some comics. If this goes well i hope it will lead to a comic book printed by you. The first record store girl was amazing. I love the flow of her cape and aqua blue hair. Very Rad!


  2. Allison Koberstein says:

    Oooo! Congrats on getting a paid comic assignment!! It looks great!
    Hmm, when I was reading it, because your horizontal gutters are thinner than your vertical ones, it actually confused me a bit and made me want to read down instead of across. Just thought I would mention! (Obviously I figured it out but yeah! :D)
    Oh yeah, I really like the rainbow sparkles in the last panel. Rainbow-sparkle-attacku~


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