Love Letter – List #22

This is Love Letter #22 – a little list of all things I'm liking at the moment…!



Disney Surprise Gone Wrong- We're not going to Chattanooga??? – Hahahaha omg the little girl in this kills me. So over dramatic hilarious! Who would have thought these kids would be so disappointed. hahaha! The little boy at the end cracks me up. 

Home Tour: Fashion Designer Betsey Johnson's East Hampton Home – I'd love a summer home like this!

Katy Perry's vimeo video blogs from 2-3 years ago: I stumbled onto this a few weeks ago, and it was really interesting to watch Katy talk about working on her album before she became well known. It's a very candid and cute side of her and I recommend watching a video or two if you like her music. 

Oh Land (thanks Katie!!)

Katy Perry – The One That Got Away (Acoustic on X Factor) 

Swing Out Sister – Breakout 

Spectrals – Get a grip 

You can put the balloon in your house!! :O So cute!   I finally found the balloon guy in Animal Crossing!!! :D

Animal Crossing!! I STILL LOVE IT!  I've been playing for about 3 months now and I'm surprised it's still super fun! I'm slowly building up my town and doing more neat things in the game. The other day I finally found the balloon guy that meets in the city!! I'm not sure why I had never seen him before… but he gave me a bunny shaped balloon! I was so excited I was yelling for my boyfriend to come look – I'm such a goofball. πŸ™‚

I may not be a grad student, but this is some awesome advice for those of us who are busy all the time either pursuing education or your dream career: Be Nice to Yourself

Blogs I'm really enjoying right now: Johanna Γ–st and The Pink Retro Powder Room (watch out, the last one has a music player built in!) 

Love this girl's style!! Misha Janette at Japan Fashion Week 

How to make mini pumkin oreo cheesecakes and homemade Kahlua - I want to try this for my December holiday party!

Fashion’s 5 Coolest Grandmas 

Can I please move into this house? Oh my goodness, it's so gorgeous! 

Current fav polish - OPI's "I lily love you" – I picked this up at the grocery store this week and I adore it! It's like a pink confetti explosion!! 

  OPI's I lily love you



Cyndi!! ❀

11 thoughts on “Love Letter – List #22

  1. THE BALLOON GUY!! ❀ I have only seen him once, and I also don't remember the weather. D: But we need to have an AC date soon!
    Also I'm really glad that you like Oh Land!! ❀ My favorites of hers is "White Nights," "Wolf and I," and "We Turn it Up"!


  2. Count me in for Animal Crossing! hahhahaa! I have been so busy! I miss my neighbors dearly! I’m scared of all the weeds I have to pick! And bugs! oh god! The bugs in the house πŸ˜„
    HOORAY! You finally met the BALLOON MAN!! ❀ ❀ Lucky Lucky!
    Thanks for sharing the "Be Nice to Yourself" article. It was a really good read and a nice reminder that free time is just as important as "busy" time. When I visited my friend in London, I was amazed at how laid back the Europeans were. Its a lot different here in America where we pretty much work ourselves into the ground until there is nothing left. And even then, we still keep working (blargh!) When I get stressed out, I think about what my friend in London would do and realize that the choices I make won't be the end of the world and its ok to take a break πŸ™‚
    I hope everything is going ok San! Its FRIDAY! We made it! πŸ˜€


  3. Oh man, well have to talk about your London friend – Im curious the differences and always like hearing different outlooks to see if I can learn something from it… and yes WE MADE IT! Hooray for Friday!!


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