Photo update + Closet cleanout!

approaching Florida

A quick photo update of pics I took in Florida and the past couple of days… 


sunny car ride!

Riding in the car! I took this right after I took the pic of the bay… I was so excited we were almost to our destination after almost 6 hours of driving!

Grandma's cute bathroom

Me hamming it up in my grandma's bathroom. It's so girly in there! I took a ton of other pics but I thought it would be kinda weird to post her bathroom online… but trust me, it's adorable. Lots of pink and roses and lace!


curly hair

My hair was super curly that day! (For me at least)


bow heels!

Life hasn't been too crazy over the past two weeks… I've mostly been working, taking it easy so my knee could heal with its stitches, annnd helping my mom pack up the family house for her moving at the end of the month. But! I did do a little bit of shopping and took old clothes and shoes to be repaired/cleaned! I'm so excited to wear the above shoes again… the heels have been damaged for a few years and I didn't know where to take them until recently! I miss wearing them, it'll almost be like getting new shoes! As for the shopping I did, I picked up a new coat and dress:


hanging out with my mom

The new little coat! I can't wait for there to be consistent cooler days and to wear it with jeans – its super fun! My mom took this picture of me since we were out together that day! It was very spontaneous – I was getting stuff done around the house and she swooped by on a Saturday and asked me to come help her pick out a coat! I enjoyed spending the day with her since I don't get to see her very often. 🙂


crazy spiders!!

A few random pics I took at Target earlier this week… Their halloween costumes and decorations are out now and I LOVE browsing that stuff! Check out these wacky spiders!! I hate spiders, but these are pretty funny. 


Monster High costumes!

Cute Monster High costumes in the girl's section…


Cute hello kitty costume

And check out this adorable Hello Kitty costume! If it was made of nicer fabric it would almost be a cute regular day dress!


cute notebook

Saw this adorable note book while getting office supplies… 


pink leopard print nails

Earlier this week I was having a couple of bad days, so to cheer myself up I finally used the Sally Hansen pink leopard nail stickers I had been saving! They are so bright and fun! Sorry they kinda clash here with the lipstick, it just happened to be that way when I snagged my boyfriend's camera.

I only used half of the pack so I can get two manicures from it because I'm not sure where to get them again… My friend Emma gave them to me for my birthday and I've never seen this print in store! Have you guys ever seen it sold before?? Maybe it's ULTA specific since Emma was working there at the time…


lipsticky face

And here is the dress I bought recently! It's very different from my typical a-line dresses but I really enjoy the fit! I've also been experimenting with red lipstick lately (MAC's Russian Red) which you can see on me here… When I wear it I feel like I'm in costume! It's fun though. 🙂


Sleepy little donut of a dog

And I end this post with a cute picture of Pika being super sleepy last night. She was curled up so goofy!

Back to work I go… I should have some art to share next week! ❤ ALSO! If you haven't checked it out yet, I put a few things from my closet up on flickr for sale! I had more items last week but most everything has sold, so if you see something you like contact me asap before it's gone! 



Anyhow, hope you guys are having a good week so far!

6 thoughts on “Photo update + Closet cleanout!

  1. I love the leopard cardigan you’re wearing! Where is it from?
    Everything you wear is so cute and stylish, I love it. You’re seriously making me contemplate getting one of those Hello Kitty purses!
    Hope you had fun in Florida visiting your family 🙂


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