How to: Make a Luna Lovegood costume!

For those who don't know, I'm a big fan of Luna Lovegood… she is my favorite character in the Harry Potter stories! A few weeks ago I read this article by actress Evanna Lynch who played Luna, "Why the Body Bind is my nightmare" – and felt inspired to do a post on tips for making a Luna inspired costume. I thought it would be a fun alternative to a "What I wore today" post this week!

How to make a Luna Lovegood costume… What you'll need:

  • Radish (or dirigible plum) earrings and a Butterbeer cork necklace! I made mine with random stuff (beads, a wine cork, string, earring parts, paint and felt) I had around the house… so they weren't exactly like the beaded earrings and necklace but close enough for a midnight showing. If you enjoy making bead jewelry, there is a great tutorial on Leaky Cauldron on how to replicate the earrings. Annnd if you aren't into crafting, you can buy replicas of Luna's jewelry from the WB store. 
  • Spectrespecsbuy or make your own! I chose to make mine with the linked template and attaching it to an old pair of sunglasses (without the pink and blue lenses so I could see better).
  • The Quibbler - If you are able to go to the Wizarding World in Orlando, they have mock copies for sale just like the one Luna holds in Half Blood Prince… but if not -  Make your own copy! This is super easy – I printed out the pages and glued them on a stapled paper booklet I had around the house. If you wanted to get real crazy, you could even try to create the inside of a quibbler! πŸ˜‰
  • Blue tights, funky long socks, and colorful sneakers – I picked up tights at a local discount store, and used socks and shoes I already owned. But – If you don't already have blue tights, you can get a pair from we love colors. As for shoes, I don't have recommendations but I'm sure something could be found on or Ebay – you just need purpley/burgandy shoes… if they have a flower pattern, even better! See below for a close up of the actual shoes. Socks are usually easy to find, especially during the colder months… but if you are having trouble tracking a pair down, try out these in "light green" or these in "petrol". They are pretty close to what Luna wore in photos.

  • A pink tweed coat and spacey skirt – I'm not sure where to get an exact coat like Luna's, and I know the skirt she wore was from H&M, but it is no longer for sale… So I tried to find a similar shaped bright pink coat at a discount store (TJ Maxx) and made my own version of the skirt. I painted black fabric to match the photo close ups, let it dry, and then sewed it together with a simple elastic waist. For the more complex shapes like the horse looking animals and birds, I cut out a paper stencil to paint with. Here is a sample of the pattern I painted on it and the bird and horse looking shapes:

Click to download my stencils to paint your own skirt fabric!

Pictures of the painted fabric before sewing the skirt:

If you want to get super into things you can also wear a wig! I just went with my hair pulled to the side, but maybe for the next midnight showing I'll have a wig. Once again, just have fun and do what works best with your budget! πŸ™‚

Here are two pictures of me dressed as Luna with my friends at the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1. 

Luna Lovegood & Harry Potter


A fun little extra: My friend Emma recently made me a Xeno Lovegood inspired mug (as spotted in his kitchen during the Deathly Hallows discussion), and I love to drink out of it when I'm in a Luna-ish mood…It's my favorite mug to use because it's perfect for drinking my double espressos in the morning! Above is a cellphone pic I took over the holidays of it. If you'd like one for yourself, she has more in different colors!


Well that's it! If you have any photos of yourself dressed as Luna, or try making anything in this post – Let me know! I'd love to see πŸ™‚

-update – if you are just now seeing this post, you might enjoy this post as well featuring an illustration I did of Luna's mural! ❀

56 thoughts on “How to: Make a Luna Lovegood costume!

  1. ThatLovegood says:

    Love the outfit so much! I’m planning on dressing up as Luna for the final DVD signing here in London and I was wondering.. do you make and sell those skirts? I’m dreadful at painting etc and I’ve been looking for that skirt for forever! Don’t worry if you don’t but if you had an etsy or something, I’d buy one ASAP!
    Thanks! πŸ˜€


  2. Lauren says:

    Sooo cute! I just found your blog & I too am fascinated by and LOVE Luna Lovegood & Princess Bubblegum! hehe
    If you look at one of my fbook profile pics, it’s me right before I left for the final HP movie @ midnight! =)
    Also, i just made my bf a hat so he can be Finn and go on adventures! hehe. it’s crochet! check it out =)
    (this is the pattern. the one i made is below)
    Have a great day & stay awesome! =) yay!


  3. Chloe says:

    Well it is Halloween coming up and I was thinking a Harry potter inspired thing would be great I voted hermione out because my hog warts robes ripped all the way I saw people about it but there was nothing to do to get it fixed i then turned to ginny and Luna Luna has a geeky character that I admire but some times it is ugh not the best I looked at ginny
    I could crochet a scarf to indicate my costume idea but my wool is not gryffyndoor couloirs could I just do Luna cus I do have the raven claw colours
    Fantastic I liked it a lot my hair is turning darker but who cared I admire luna


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