Super Punch Tarot show exhibition in Florida!

Heads up! If you live in South Florida, you should go check out my art at Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery! It's part of the Super Punch Tarot card show. I wont be there unfortunately, but there will be tons and tons of great illustrations there in my place. πŸ˜‰ I really wish I could go – so if you live in the area, please check it out and tell me how it goes! ❀ The show is curated by Super Punch blogman John Struan! He contacted a ton of amazing artists last year to build an entire deck… You can see all the tarot cards in the project here on Super Punch


The opening night reception is

Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 7-10pm 

and runs through April 23, 2011.

Location: Tate's Comics/Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery


Other artists in the show: Aaron Miller; Adam Koford; Bethalynne Bajema; Brent Engstrom; Brent Nolasco; Brigid Ashwood; Britt Wilson; Casey Weldon; Daniel Davis; Dave Perillo; Dean Reeves; Eliza Gauger; Eric Orchard; Eric Wirjanata; Franco Brambilla; Geoff Trapp; Heather Hudson; J.Shea; Jason Chalker; Jerrod Maruyama; Joseph Game; Kat Brunnegraff; Katy Hargrove; Ken Turner; M. S. Corley; Mario Graciotti; Meghan Murphy; Melita Curphy; Mindy Lee; Nancy Dorsner; Patricio Oliver; Roman Laney; Rosemary Travale; San Smith; Santiago Caruso; Simon Page; Stephanie Buscema; Sven Ruthner; Squink!; The Beast Brothers; Thomas Allen; Tyler Landry and MORE!


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