Disney World photos – day 2 in Orlando!

Oh Disney world… Above is a very excited 7 year old San who is about to experience Disney World for the first time! This was my “passport” from 1990 – I think it was our discount card or something for being Florida residents so we could come back multiple times in a year? I can’t believe I still have it. I think I might have saved it as a child thinking it was my secret ticket to get back to Disney someday…

Mickey and me - 1990

And above is me in 1990 meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time. (Doesn’t it look like he is eating my head or something?? haha!) For those who don’t know, I grew up in Florida and was fortunate enough to visit Disney World twice as a child and then again as a teenager in 1997. I’d scan some from 1997, but they are in a box at my mother’s house… so perhaps another day!

We have arrived!!! 

For contrast, this is me 20 years later at the entrance of Magic Kingdom! I actually teared up a little when we walked in because I was so overwhelmed with emotion and excitement… seeing everything brought back so many memories of happy times with my family. It was also really fun to watch the reactions of the people I was with – especially Emma who was visiting the park for the very first time! She was super excited! 

After the cut there are a TON of photos from the second day into my Orlando Vacation… all from Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! Enjoy ❀

Main street Christmas decorations!

Main street Christmas decorations!

Main street Christmas decorations!

This was my first time visiting the park when there were holiday decorations up – and everything was SO cute and festive!! These pictures are a little dull since it was overcast so it doesn’t capture how amazing everything looked I think… It really was fantastic and Christmasy though πŸ™‚
Main street

The castleee <3
The castle!

Stitch's great escape!

Our first ride was the Stitch’s Great Escape simulation! Stitch is one of my favorite characters – Chris too – so we were both pretty excited to check this out!! It was very cute – nothing too crazy since its meant for children, but the animatronic aliens were adorable πŸ™‚


Stitch peeking out of the ceiling in his gift shop! I wanted to take all the toys home – such fun stuff!


And then we ran into Stitch!! It was so cold and early in the morning, but we had to get a photo! I’m glad we did too because we only saw him running around the next day in a show dressed as Santa Claus. (Which was SO cute, I’ll share photos of that later.) A Disney employee actually took a couple of photos for us but I was giggling in almost all – luckily this one came out ok πŸ™‚

eeeee!! Minnie's house!

Next up was Toon Town – which meant Minnie’s House!!! If I could take this place back to Atlanta and live in it, I totally would. I love it to bits! The details through out it are super adorable – I love that they put cartoon string lights on the front.

cute cute cute


Mini version

Mini version of the house in her display cabinet.


So much cute detail!

Pink hearts EVERYWHERE! I think the boys bolted out of there so fast, hahahaha! I was in there forever though just soaking it all in…

Back of the house

“Hello, I’m home!” I tried to open the mailbox, but it is sealed shut.

Mickey's house!

Mickey’s house! It was decorated super cute for the holidays.

Christmas decorations

Stockings over the fire place for Minnie, Pluto and Mickey. I didn’t take a lot of photos inside Mickey’s house because 1. I got separated from my boyfriend and friends so I was trying to find them, and 2. some old guy was trying to tell his grand daughter I was a character at the park and to come say hi to me… so I zipped out of there fast! As much as I would have enjoyed humoring that situation, I’ve read warnings online that if you are caught pretending you are a character or park employee, you will be asked to leave immediately! (I looked into it because I wanted to dress up as Minnie Mouse… apparently adults are only allowed to do that for Halloween – costumes on regular days are strictly for children.) Wasn’t worth the risk, ya know?

Mickey's garden

Mickey's garden

Mickey’s cute garden.

Or maybe this is our new home??

Maybe this house is a better fit for the two of us?? hehehe

The sun peeking out for a bit

Suddenly the sun came out, and we decided to get on some rides…

First ride!

Pinnochio's village

Pinnochio's village

Pinnochio's village

After a few rides we ate pizza at the Pinnochio village. The amount of cute details all through out the Magic Kingdom park are pretty fantastic. You really do feel like you are in a Disney movie or something…

Ice Cream time!!

No lunch is complete with out a Mickey ears ice cream!!

New stuff since I last visited

While checking out the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, I saw all this Aladdin stuff! It was added way after my last visit, so I was excited to see new things in the park… it was all set up to mimic the town from the movie, and they had a magic carpet ride there too! We also saw Jasmine and Aladdin characters – too cute!

Aladdin and Jasmine! aww

More new stuff

Main Street

As the sun started to set, Chris and I split from Emma and Jonathan for a bit, got dinner and hung out near the Cinderella castle and Main Street for the parade later that night.


Cinderella's castle

Cinderella's Castle



Night time rolled in – and the castle transformed into a beeaauuutiful display of lights!


It was amazing!! We watched a fireworks show about wishes and dreams, which was in sync with the lights on the castle, and the hid in a cafe till the parade started. It was SO cold that night, and we didn’t have jackets because we weren’t expecting it!!

Coffee break from the cold

Trying to capture in the inside of the place with out being too touristy πŸ˜‰

Cuuute cup

Cute little disposable coffee cup!

Chris's photos

Time for the Main Street Electrical Parade!! I had never seen this in person, but knew the music since it was on a Disney soundtrack I had growing up. These photos are all from Chris’s site.

Chris's photos

Alice and the cheshire cat

Chris's photos

Chris's photos

Evil step sisters and Prince Charming

And thats it for day two! Tomorrow I’ll be posting a recap of 2010, and a few days later I’ll share the rest of my Disney photos and my goals for 2011. πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Disney World photos – day 2 in Orlando!

  1. AngΓ©lica says:

    Awww those old pictures of you are so cute! I had to laugh at the picture with Mickey though, it really does look like he’s trying to bite your head off πŸ˜›
    I’ve been to Disneyland (in Paris) once, but I was about 9 years old and hardly remember anything about it… but it looks so colourful! I work at an amusementpark (I live in the Netherlands :)), which is basically the dutch disneyland without disney stuff haha, but it’s definitely less colourful!
    Anyway, awesome pictures πŸ™‚


  2. AngΓ©lica says:

    Oh and grown ups do dress up in our park! It’s based on fairy tales and there are people walking around like little red riding hood or snow white (almost always because of bachelor parties), it’s so confusing for children! They don’t know if they are real/supposed to be there or not! But they are allowed to.. apparently there was also this man walking around in a penis suit.. well.. they weren’t too happy with that haha!


  3. Miranda says:

    I have never been to Disney world or anything I guess my parents just don’t wanna go even though my mom went when she was little and they didn’t have much money.idk but ur so lucky! I want to work as one of the mascots in the winter!


  4. laura says:

    hello san! this is laurelcrowned from lj/lachrymouse from tumblr. i’ve recently attempted another blog so i wanted to stop in and say hi!
    i loveeee disney so much. i’ve never been to disneyworld! i really want to. it looks like so much fun, and you look adorable!


  5. Mike D says:

    San! Thanks for the smiles πŸ™‚ You’re such a kid. ‘Never’ loose that!!!
    Random sporadic visitor who appreciates your work and your uniqueness. Have a brilliant 2011!


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