Back from vacation at Disney World!

So I'm back from my vacation and slowly settling in… the trip was AMAZING! I went to Islands of Adventure, NASA's Kennedy Space Center and Disney World's Magic Kingdom!! I also went to the "Mickey's Very Special Christmas Party" on our final night, which was ridiculously cute.

It'll be a few days until I can upload my photos and make a proper post, so I thought I'd share one of Chris's videos and a few iPhone pics until then! Above photo: very cold me hiding out from the unexpected chilly weather with coffee in a Disney Cafe… below: video of us on the Dumbo ride (and a peek at the park and mysterious construction… possibly for Belle's castle?! Paintings of her castle on the construction barrier walls had us guessing.) …

…And a quick snap of the beautifully decorated Cinderella castle! This was so gorgeous – I can't wait to share the video and photos we took of it during the lights and fireworks shows!

12 thoughts on “Back from vacation at Disney World!

  1. Sasha C. says:

    Oh my goodness, I remember the Dumbo ride. When my family first when to Disneyworld, I think I was six, I remember my little sister getting upset because she couldn’t ride the Dumbo ride by herself. Or she was scared. Whenever I look at the photos there is also so random guy and his daughter with me and my twin in on of the dumbos. I think I remember him being nice enough to be our ‘adult’ on the ride since my little sister wanted to ride with my mom. haha.
    I hope you had a nice time!~


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