Photo post: 6%dokidoki fan day

This is such a delayed post… I contemplated not even posting it since its been a while since I got back from LA! However, after having time to reflect on everything, I decided I really did want to share about this event. On my last day in LA at the "fan day", Sebastian Masuda gave a lecture on the meaning behind 6%, the "Kawaii Movement" and the history of Harajuku. I took a few photos and notes, and thought I'd share them here. Enjoy!


photo by pai photography

What I wore to Fan Day! The dress, star clip and ring are all by 6%dokidoki and were purchased at the pop up shop. My black jeans and purple cardigan are random things I brought on the trip… the purse I made. 

photo by bubble punch

The day of the event I got there early and helped decorate mini cupcakes with Michelle, Caro and other Gallery Nucleus people… Check out how many we iced! After that I took a spot in the second row to listen to Sebastian's lecture and relaxed. A few photos are nabbed from Bubble Punch since I wasn't taking too many at this point. 

photo by bubble punch

photo by bubble punch

Overall the lecture was very inspiring and interesting. Sebastian went over a brief history of Harajuku and 6%dokidoki, the current state of Harajuku's independent fashion retailers vs "fast fashion", Sebastian's study of what kawaii is and why it is important to society, and then a final note of inspiration to all who pursue a kawaii life. 

I took notes on my phone while he talked, and these were some of the key things that stuck out to me:

  • The "kawaii movement" is about finding your own personal happiness through a cute and colorful lifestyle. 
  • Wearing bright colors is a way to revolt against war and negativity, a sort of kawaii anarchy! You can bring happiness to yourself and to others around you with the colorful clothing you wear.
  • Sebastian compared the kawaii movement to other fashion movements such as the punks and the hippies – stating that all these fashion movements were a way for young people to express their opinions against negativity and find a voice.
  • He said not to worry about what others think about your clothing choices – to always wear what makes you feel good, and to embrace the colorful and cute things that bring you happiness. The kawaii movement is about making your own decisions, and because you do this you have a sensibility and knowledge that some others don't have about the world. 
  • Sebastian also said he believed the knowledge of kawaii style is what the world really needs right now. With a kawaii outlook you can create your own universe and within it find happiness.

I wish I had written down more accurate notes – a lot of it went by so fast that I could only jot down brief words and then I pieced it back together when I got home…

Either way – Sebastian's words really touched me. I actually started to tear up at the end of his lecture! A little embarrassing, but its true. It was the first time I had ever heard someone give a lecture about these sort of ideas that meant so much to me. I think if more people in the world stopped worrying what others thought and embraced the things that make them feel happy, such as bright colors and cute things that remind them of their childhood, then maybe the world could be a sweeter place. 

To quote a brief SF Bay Guardian interview of Sebastian

By “kawaii can save the world” I mean, and also hope, that the sense of “kawaii” makes people more happy and feel connected and this feeling will save the world from the grim and dark things that are happening right now. A lot of people are aware of such situations, and I have observed this from our world tour, Harajuku Kawaii Experience 2010. To this day, I strongly believe that “kawaii can save the world.” 

After the lecture, Sebastian then went on to explain how each piece of 6%dokidoki clothing has a meaning to it and what message was behind specific pieces. It was amazing to hear how much thought had gone into all the clothing and accessories.

You can read a little more about that on the following link where an LA Weekly article covered the event. On the second page they go into the clothing descriptions: LA Weekly – 6% Dokidoki: Influenced by '90s Raves, Sebastian Masuda Launched a Company That Infuses Fashion with Symbolism There was so much to listen to at that point I stopped taking notes and just focused on the lecture! 


photo by bubble punch

All of us listening to the lecture. You can see my little pink hair buns on the far left 😉

When all the discussion was over, everyone who was dressed up was invited to participate in a game of Rock Paper Scissors to win prizes! I decided not to participate because 1. I felt it was more fair to give other people an opportunity since I had already received 6% goods from being in the show and 2. I was EXHAUSTED and went off to a less crowded area for some quiet time. I think the trip was finally starting to take its toll on my energy.

While everyone played the game and got autographs from Sebastian, Yuka and Vani, I went to browse the pop up shop for some last minute shopping.

Eventually the crowd thinned out and I went back to the lecture area to take a few pictures of all the girls together. (Above: Yuka, Yume Ninja, Michelle and Vani)

I kinda wished I had gotten a photo of myself with Yuka and Vani – but at that point I was so super out of it and kinda ready to take a nap – so I didn't think to ask. It had been such a long week!! Oh well 😛 Now it is my goal to make it to Japan within a year or so to see the shop in person and hopefully meet everyone again!

To read more on the 6%dokidoki fan day, you should go check out Bubble Punch's blog post on it! They covered some different points and have some great photos!

It's been almost 4 months since the 6%dokidoki fashion show and fan day event, and can still feel the positive influences in my life. I feel so lucky that I was able to make so many amazing friends and participate in such fun events – it was an experience I will always treasure. After the lecture had ended, I purchased the above ring in the pop up shop as a reminder of the wonderful things positivity and hard work can bring into your life. It's ridiculously sparkly and says "Doki doki" in Japanese… and for those who haven't seen my previous LA posts – "Doki doki" is the Japanese onomatopoeic sound of an excited/nervous heartbeat. The kind you feel when you pursue your dreams and go for the things that make you happy… I now wear this ring when I need a bit of cheering up or want to remember good times as motivation to keep working hard! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this cheesy (but heartfelt!) post ❤

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16 thoughts on “Photo post: 6%dokidoki fan day

  1. kelly says:

    LOVE this post San! Thank you for sharing. I totally feel that when you dress to please yourself you bring joy where every you may go. I had no idea kawaii was a movement and that there was so much thought behind it. I’m so glad you got to be a part of this, plus it got you more comfortable about wearing bows! hoo-ray!


  2. lydia says:

    So interesting! All the thought behind the clothes and the whole concept of being who you are. It makes me want to wear 6%dokidoki clothes too! But “kawaii movement style” is not so much my thing, I think. But I might try out some colourful polka dot or tulle skirts soon 😉 Very inspiring post!


  3. abby says:

    San, this was a great post! The dokidoki aesthetic is not so much for me (as I look down at the black shirt, gray pants, black coat I’m wearing on this freezing day in Atlanta), but I love the ideas and emotions behind kawaii. I would have had no idea, thanks for sharing your inspiration and passion!


  4. Sanasaurus says:

    Thanks Abby! I think the concept of Sebastians Kawaii Movement can be enjoyed by all people, regardless if they like to dress that way 🙂 Id venture to say you already take part in it by finding happiness through your bike riding!


  5. Sanasaurus says:

    Thanks Kelly!! It was really exciting to find out how much thought had gone into everything – it was a great end to an intense trip. And yes! Bows! hahaha – Id like to thank 6% for easing me into wearing bows that week 😉


  6. Janna Lynn says:

    Oh, San…I love this post! 🙂 I am very inspired by the Kawaii Movement, and it has been a huge part of my design process as I am creating my line that I will be offering in a fledgling business. My designs are specifically motivated towards extending the Kawaii idea to plus size items too, but I wouldn’t leave out skinny gals, so my line will be size 6-22. 🙂 Anywho….I find your links that you left to be very helpful, and the whole post is exactly what I needed, thank you…I agree with these ideas so much! I feel happy every day that I dress the way I choose and feel so free. Thank you for this post, San ;)anytime you feel like posting about these type of positive ideas I soooooo wanna read it! You are very Kawaii, and it definitely spreads joy and happiness. Hearts, Janna Lynn


  7. Chad M. says:

    I loved your heartfelt and cheesy post, and am really happy that you decided to post it. It’s inspiring reading about how different people see the world and how they “combat negativity” and attempt to “find a voice” in their world to express their happiness and live a happy life. I also think you’re a shining example of that: contemplating and following your dreams, putting lots of effort into living a happy life, and sharing that happiness with everyone around you. I love you so much, but then again, you’re so very easy to love!


  8. Kelsi <3 says:

    I loved this post! It totally makes me want to go through my wardrobe and make everything extra cute! Your notes from the seminar were great, I wish I could have been there! P.S. I linked to this post on my blog’s TILT list this week 🙂


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