Photo post: Fashion’s night out in Los Angeles!

Another large photo post about my adventures in in LA! This one is about: 

Day 3: Fashion's night out in Los Angeles! 

Pictured above, Chubby Bunny, Bei Badgirl, Tess, Imogen, Yume Ninja, and me!

Keep reading for more pictures πŸ™‚

So at the beginning of the day, Michelle and I had a tasty brunch at Sushi Mac and then browsed shops for a bit. I didn't take many photos during this but there was a lot of cute stuff we saw! Above is one store front I took a picture of, ANAP, mainly because it was super pink… I got a pink rubbery belt from there and I also picked up a Rilakkuma phone sticker for my iPhone at a Japanese bookstore during all of this!

After that we came back and had a late lunch with Bei and then took her to Trashy Lingerie to pick out some cute stuff. Annnd then it was time to come home and get ready for Fashion's night out! I had never been to an event like this before so I was pretty excited – I wore the $15 dress I bought earlier that week, paired with my pink belt from the 6%dokidoki interview and topped it off with one of Michelle's Chubby Bunny x Sanrio bows! I'm not used to wearing bows really, so I was a little on the fence about it – but after walking around the house wearing it I decided I liked it after all and bought it from her! For the outfit curious, I also wore pink jewelry and pink sneakers with black leggings, but none of it was picked up on the trip.

First stop was Betsey Johnson on Melrose… They were serving pink champagne, doing free makeovers and having a sale. Pretty cool! It was also the biggest Betsey Johnson store I have ever been in! (The ones in Atlanta are so small.) Since Betsey Johnson is one of my favorite stores I took a few geeky inside shots:

At the entrance they had a little "photobooth" thing with props like feather boas, toy guns and I think a few other western items to match Betsey's new designs… so on our way out we stopped there and got a group picture. Next stop was Fred Segal to check out the new Fall 2010 Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoe designs…

There were so many people outside – it was kinda bananas!

These were my favorite out of all the new shoes – the photo doesn't capture the color very well. The shoes were a mix of purple and blue pastel with glitter through out them! They were like space shoes! I was half tempted to buy them but they were a little out of my spending budget for the trip. πŸ˜‰

Super cute purse!! I've always wanted a Vivienne Westwood handbag like this – I blame Ai Yazawa for putting them in her comics. πŸ™‚

Me and Yume Ninja after browsing

And me with Michelle!

Next we walked to the Tokidoki boutique… And they had a purple motorcycle jacket in store that I had been wanting for a while! Excited, I tried it on to see how it looked and looooved it – but then when I went to zip it up I realized it was not really cut properly to zip up around a person when wore at the correct size. 😦 What a bummer! It gets pretty cold where I live, so having a jacket you can't zip up would be silly… so instead of buying it I just had my picture taken with it. A little tacky, but hey – it was a trip so I wont be back in that store again! heheh

Isn't it a pretty shade of purple?!

Inside the shop… 

I though this hat was so cute… reminds me of Reptar from Rugrats!

Last stop was Tarina Tarantino, which I was excited about since I had never been in one of her stores before… I'm a huge fan of her jewelry and aesthetics.  

Took a few shots in side and then one of myself dorking out in front of the mirror all excited… Everything was so cute and sparkly in there – unfortunately the photos don't fully capture it. The evening was just about over (as you can probably tell by the lack of drinks and snacks on the table in front of me) – so we browsed for a bit and then went to a bar for food and then home for sleep. Right before we left, Michelle introduced me to one of her friends, Jenny Rae, who had a Pee Wee Herman action figure in her pocket! Love it! She was super fun πŸ™‚


And that's the end of the photo adventures for day 3! 

10 thoughts on “Photo post: Fashion’s night out in Los Angeles!

  1. Sanasaurus says:

    Oh wow – those are cute ones! Im envious :B Maybe around the holidays when things start to go on sale I could pick up a pair… Im excited that everyone keeps saying this line of shoes are comfy! Im all about the comfort!


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