Arrival to LA + 6%Dokidoki auditions!


Eeeee ! This is my excited face – taken while in LA… and I'm still making it! My trip was so fun! If you didn't see the notes on twitter, I was selected to participate in the fashion show. Wheee! I tried my best to document everything via camera while away…

Since I have so many photos from my LA trip, I decided to break it up into a few photo posts! This one will be covering Day 1: Shopping with Michelle and dinner with 6%dokidoki and Day 2: Some more shopping and my 6%dokidoki audition/interview!

So click the read more link if you want to see the photos!

Day 1: Arrive to LA, a little bit of shopping and dinner with 6%dokidoki!

Arrived in town and Michelle picked me up from the airport! She had a meeting to attend, so we stopped in JapanLA for a bit and then went separate ways while she did business stuff. While browsing JapanLA I picked up a cute shirt for Chris that has a dinosaur yelling "Make me a taco!". Heheh…

It was super overcast that day…

Pretty building

Purpley scooter! I wanted it.

Weird display prawn at some vintage decoration store. I think someone bought it right after I took a photo!

There were lots of psychic shops… this one was pretty cute.

I browsed Melrose a bit and found a great dress for $15 to wear to Fashion Night out later that week!

Michelle and I then met back up and ate Lunch at Milk where we had intense blue velvet cake. It was so yummy but we couldn't finish it!

Then visited a Mall for a bit – I was still trying to track down fun things for my interview outfit… At the mall they had a HUGE Forever 21 and H&M – really put ours to shame! 

Shopping was kinda a bust – only found tights but they weren't things I could wear with my interview outfit. We then got ready to have dinner with 6%Dokidoki, which was an unexpected event! Michelle was scheduled to have a dinner meeting with them and let me tag along. Super exciting!! We went to eat at a place called Saddle Ranch which was a western American style restaurant that served crazy huge meals, cotton candy and smores!

Michelle and Sebastian Masuda being cute at dinner

Me and Yuka – she is so pretty!!

Yuka and Michelle πŸ™‚

While waiting on dinner we decided to order one of the giant cotton candy dishes that we saw on other tables… When it came out we were all so excited that everyone started taking pictures! It was funny πŸ™‚ How could you not though – it is huge and ridiculous!! heheh

 photo from the 6%dokidoki shop girl's blog

Everyone super excited about the cotton candy!

The cotton candy started to melt eventually through out dinner, and we decided the next thing to try was making smores! We found out Yuka and Vani had never made them before, so that was even more exciting!

Michelle and I making smores together ❀

 photo from the 6%dokidoki shop girl's blog

Yuka and Vani making their first smores! Too cute!

It was then time to go home, and we all took one last group photo together outside the restaurant. I had so much fun with everyone even though I didn't speak Japanese… I did a lot of listening and smiling, but there were moments where I could chat at about small things with people, or Michelle would help translate things for me. Oh, and I could talk to Michelle of course πŸ˜‰ ha!

Day 2: Shopping and 6%dokidoki interviews!

The next day we got up early and checked out the fashion district – It was a lot of outdoor shops that sold inexpensive fashion items or knock offs of things. I ended up buying a pink belt, 4 purple clip in hair extensions, nail stickers, nail polish and flowers to make hair clips! All for under $30 I think! So crazy. There were lots of fun displays like the pink afro girl picture above. The photo of me is one I quickly snapped while Michelle was browsing a clothing shop πŸ™‚

Next we ate lunch at somewhere fabulous and tasty – can't remember what it was called but I took a picture of the small plates that came out before our meal! The fish with head was a little too much for me, but I tried it anyways just to make sure it wasn't something delicious I was missing out on. :B I think my favorite out of the stuff pictured was the Kimchi and the sprouts!

After lunch we came home and met up with Bei Badgirl who was also staying with us, got dressed, picked up Yume Ninja!

And then we were off to the 6%dokidoki interviews at Gallery Nucleus!

photo by bubblepunch 

I got there pretty early and had to wait around for the rest of the girls to show up… Once everyone had arrived we were taken inside the main part of the gallery to sit and wait to talk with Sebastian and the rest of 6%dokidoki for our individual interviews. Above is a picture of me nervously waiting for my turn to for the audition/interview… the goofy face I'm making really captures how I was feeling at the moment XD Eeeek! I was so curious what I'd be asked in my interview!


Girls to the left of me: Ada, Bebe and Chrissa!


While we waited, a lot of us took pictures and chit chatted. Above is Chloe and Mandy.


Mandy took a few photos of me in exchange for getting some pictures of her outfit! I ended up wearing the purple extensions and pink belt I got earlier that day… 

During all of this, I was so nervous and excited I actually tripped and fell on all the 6%dokidoki merchandise while trying to take pictures of the other girls. It was soooo embarrassing! Luckily all I landed on were soft items, so I didn't break anything… I stayed in my seat after that until I was called. Eventually I was called for my interview, and chatted a bit with 6%dokidoki about why I wanted to participate and answered questions they had… and then came back downstairs to sit with the rest of the girls and wait. The, Sebastian came down from the upstairs meeting room and told us all to close our eyes, and he would walk behind us and tap us on the shoulder if we were selected… if we were tapped we were supposed to stand up and wait till he was done.

 photo from the 6%dokidoki shop girl's blog 

He walked back and forth behind us over and over, and when I heard him walk past me the first time I thought for sure I hadn't been chosen. And then all of a sudden I felt my shoulder be tapped…!


photo by bubblepunch 

This is probably a little cheesey, but I was SO excited I was beaming! This photo really captures the goofy face I made I think. I don't know why I thought I wouldn't be chosen – but the fact that I was really caught me off guard! I was so proud to be picked to work with 6%dokidoki that week since I really love their designs. However, I was a little sad that Mandy wasn't selected since I had a good time chatting with her… Luckily, I saw her again at the fashion show.
We then posed for a final group photo with all the contestants, Sebastian, Yuka and Vani!


After that, we went upstairs to be fitted for our outfits and accessories. It took a long time but I was so excited I didn't mind. We then went home and I passed out into a good sleep – it had been such a long day!

Sorry if this post is a little wonky… I put it together quickly while getting ready for my second day at Ulta! (So if you see any typos feel free to let me know – heh) I don't think I mentioned on here yet, but I picked up a little part time job there to help with bills and get me around people more (since I work at home alone). So far it is really fun!!

27 thoughts on “Arrival to LA + 6%Dokidoki auditions!

  1. Lulu says:

    this was so much fun to read, i swear i was really getting into it and cringing “oh she just HAS to be picked!” even though i don’t really know what was going on or who anybody was haha. your outfit is waaaay cute, by the way. my favorite out of the whole colorful bunch!
    congratulations! =]


  2. megan says:

    Awesome, congrats! Looks like a lot of fun~
    I would probably have a really goofy look on my face too, haha. XD
    Yuka was working in the store when I went to Japan last year–she seemed pretty nice, and her outfit was amazing!


  3. Sanasaurus says:

    Thanks Danielle! Ive been trying to track down some of the photos on flickr… Ill have to do some more looking in a few days! I keep hoping people got pictures of things that I didnt πŸ™‚


  4. Mandie says:

    Hi San! It’s Mandie from the event. It was such a pleasure to meet you. I’m sorry I didn’t get picked but I’m glad you did! You’re so sweet. I hope we can stay in touch. πŸ™‚


  5. Lenorajayne says:

    Congratulations on your modeling gig!
    PS. I’ve been browsing your blog for a month or two now and am coming out of lurker-mode.
    I happened to find you via Google and thought it was a funny coincidence, because I’m a pink-haired illustrator who draws cute girls too. πŸ™‚
    – Lenora


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