Photo update: 6% DOKIDOKI Fashion show in LA!

So a couple of weeks ago, my friend Michelle mentioned on twitter that her party planning company Bubble Punch was helping host a contest for 6% DokiDoki's upcoming fashion show in LA, and that four winners would be selected to model their clothes as well as receive some 6% Dokidoki items! I love that brand's style, and I jokingly replied that I'd totally enter if I lived in the area… 

Well after several tweets back and forth of friends encouraging me to enter anyways, I actually gave it some real thought. I realized I had a ton of unused Delta skymiles, and could technically fly out there for free and stay with Michelle! I went ahead and bought a plane ticket in hopes that I win, and I figure if I don't I'll just visit with Michelle and check out the event with everyone else πŸ™‚ Either way, I'm sure it will be a blast and hopefully wont be too hard on my wallet!

In order to enter, I had to send them a head shot, full body shot, my age and measurements along with a personal statement on why I'd like to model for 6% Dokidoki. I've never modeled before, so I didn't have headshots on hand… I ended up having my boyfriend Chris help me with the photos and I decided to try taking shots with my hair down and up. For variety, I sent in one of each (headshot: hair down, full body shot: hair up!)… more pictures behind the "read more" link!

We took SO many pictures trying to figure out what would look best… some outside – some inside, some in the afternoon and a few in the evening! I am so used to just taking pictures on my webcam these days that I forget how many you have to take to get a "nice" shot sometimes. I also wasn't quite sure what to wear in the photos since I don't have clothes that are similar to 6% Dokidoki's style, so I just went for something simple that complimented my hair and figure – since I assume thats probably what they want to see the most to decide if I will look nice in their clothes… If not – hopefully my personal statement makes up for that and shows how interested I am in their designs! I'd love to have some of their clothes to wear and hopefully I'll have a little bit of cash saved to buy some while I'm at the event. πŸ™‚

Here are a few photos we decided not to use:





Pika kept trying to get in the photos! hehehe…

If you haven't heard of 6% Dokidoki before, it is a clothing brand from Japan that focuses on extreme cuteness and bright colors. I love it's aesthetics - it reminds me of what fashion would look like in cartoons or comics by Ai Yazawa! My wardrobe isn't nearly as fantastic as the things they sell, but their styles definitely inspire me when I put together outfits or go shopping. Here is an explanation on the brand from the creator and a few pictures:

We love vivid colors and strange toys or funny accessories and stuff…

6%DOKIDOKI is the style that we say let's try to wear those funny stuff. It looks flashy, showy and wired. But we think it surely has expression and your intentions. It's same as how punk fashion was born in 1970's. I think it is pretty natural and also punk for us who live in Harajuku Tokyo in the twenty-first century, to make an appeal to the world strongly that we need Peace, Happiness and Cuteness. 6% DOKIDOKI was original girl culture which was delivered from this particular town Harajuku a capital of fashion. I believe that Harajuku has own culture and 6%DOKIDOKI is keep going to create original Kawaii items for girls. When London Times came to interview, they called this style "Happy Anarchy " and I like it. I would like to tell you about he origin of the name of my store. "Doki Doki" is an onomatopoeia of heart beating in Japanese. I was thinking to have some pop Japanese name. It is important for me "Rhythm" and "Visual" to choose words. I like % because it has many circles. 6 also has circle and it is pronounced "rock" in Japanese and I think 6 is a little. It means a little bit exciting than as usual. 



photo source

Shop girl Yuka with creator Sebastian.


photo source

I love her hair style here and the stockings.


photo source

Picture from the 6% Dokidoki collaboration with World of Popples! Such a cute display.


Photo from inside the Harajuku shop.

Shop girls Yuka and Vani!

So yeah!  I'm going to be in LA from September 8th – 13th, and I've never really been aside from going to Anime Expo… I'm super excited! If any of you have suggestions on things to do while I visit there – let me know! I can't wait to finally see 6% Dokidoki's clothes in person, check out Sugarpill's make up and meet up with a ton of West Coast friends I haven't seen in years (or will meet for the first time, hooray for the internet!)… its going to be fantastic. :) 

Wish me luck – I'm crossing my fingers I make it into the fashion show!! ❀

22 thoughts on “Photo update: 6% DOKIDOKI Fashion show in LA!

  1. Julie says:

    So cool! Good luck! If my friend Bobby was still going to be in LA I’d tell you to meet up with him- he interned all summer at the Cartoon Network studios there and worked on Adventure Time which I know you love 😑 (actually, they also offered him a full-time position but he turned it down because he prefers the west coast, wtf?)
    BUT anywho I am sure you will have a lot of fun! Yay vacation!


  2. Leah H. says:

    That sounds like so much fun, have a good time! You are so cute and fashionable, you have to win! You would make a great model πŸ˜€


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