How to: Make a Princess Bubblegum crown (and tilt!)

I've really been digging the cartoon Adventure Time!  I was poking around online the other day and noticed there is a pattern to make Finn's hat online, which inspired me to make a goofy sort of tutorial on Princess Bubblegum's crown. Above are the measurements I followed for cutting mine out – if you are making this for a child I'd just make the crown point's measurements slightly smaller.

Its pretty straight forward – cut out the above shape from paper, paint yellow, add the blue jewel dot (I made mine pink with glitter!), and allow to dry. Then you wrap around your head to figure out the right fit (the 1/2 extra should overlap slightly), then remove from your head and staple or tape the paper to stay in place. That's it! A little tip – when I was cutting my crown out, I folded it in half to make the cutting go faster and be more even! Let me know if you make one for yourself or your little ones – I'd love to see!

And since its Thursday, here are some fun Adventure Time links I like:

Adventure time episodes for free on Cartoon Network's site! Ok, it looks like there are actually only a few full clips, but still not bad for free!

Pictures to make your own Adventure Time Iron-On prints! Very cool, I love the one with Finn, Jake Lady Rainicorn and Princess Bubblegum all together. There are also cool icons and wallpapers there too!

Finn and Princess Bubblegum cosplay – cuuute. If I still have pink hair around Halloween, I might have to dress up as this with my boyfriend :)  and I really want that little Lady Rainicorn!

Finn Hat Pattern – I want to make this! Maybe when fall rolls around?

Have you watched adventure time yet? I think its my favorite kid's show at the moment. πŸ™‚

23 thoughts on “How to: Make a Princess Bubblegum crown (and tilt!)

  1. Sanasaurus says:

    Ouh – good call I didn’t think to link to their blog! I’ve been following it for a bit and the stuff they post is super cool! They have a great creative group working on this πŸ˜€


  2. Meg Black says:

    Omg, your hair is absolutely awesome! I know this isn’t really related to the post but I’ve been following your blog only a while and just had to tell you that πŸ˜€


  3. kelly says:

    i’m going to make the crown out of foam sheet!
    i’ll post pics soon (of the hat too, i don’t have white polar fleece at home right now so it might end up being made out of hot pink).
    very cool san, very cool.


  4. kristen says:

    Oh God Adventure Time. My boyfriend downloaded it for me and it is hilarious. LSP is my favorite character though. I haven’t seen a show that makes me laugh so much in a long time. Glad you enjoy it too.


  5. Sanasaurus says:

    aw, thank you – I appreciate it. Its nice to hear stuff like that cause sometimes it drives me nuts! I’ll think of that the next time I want to chop it off πŸ˜‰ haha


  6. Sanasaurus says:

    LSP?? which one is that? I still haven’t seen all the episodes yet. I love all the ridiculous princesses and how Jake changes shapes all the time. Hilarious!


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