Visual wishlist of summary wants

Lately I’ve been in a shopping/window(internet window) browsing mood… I blame it on spring fever – but I keep wanting books, cute clothes, a new bag for carrying my stuff in when I’m out and about… But I’m about to go on a trip to San Francisco so I really shouldn’t be buying things! That want want want feeling is pretty naggy and keeps lingering, so I thought I’d draw out all the main items I wish I could buy right now.

Skull Cardigan  |  Summery Blouse  |  Pink Head Necklace – long discontinued, only on ebay :*(
Green Tea Sampler pack  |  Graphic Novels (too many to list)
Bust, Giant Robot and Zipper Subscriptions  |  Retro style airline bag  |  Glow in the dark stars
and gorgeous teal cowboy boots to wear with the cut-off shorts I made

Look how happy I am with all this stuff… clearly I need it in my life! Hahaha…

Ah well. A girl can dream! (and then draw it!) Sorry no color, I’m practicing working in black and white right now since I’m going to start trying to do mini comics. (Its a lot quicker for me to do things this way.)

On the note of money, I had a company contact me week ago asking if they could pay me to write on my blog about their site. The site was for coupons, it seemed cool and was designed nicely – but it didn’t really sit well with me… I thought it might offend you guys? It just seemed kinda weird to me – so I turned them down after talking about it. I don’t mind doing interesting side projects for money, but I wasn’t sure if that was a good route to take with my blog since it had nothing to do with illustration, crafts or anything else I like. What do you guys think about stuff like that? Would you have done it?

15 thoughts on “Visual wishlist of summary wants

  1. Mary Rebecca says:

    I bought that skull cardigan from YesStyle in February. They took the money out immediately, but a month later I still had no cardigan. After trying to contact them directly it took me filing a claim with Paypal for them to finally contact me and say they could not find any stock to send me. Luckily, after that they refunded me quickly. :\


  2. Sanasaurus says:

    whoah – no way!! Im sorry to hear that 😦 That cardigan is so cool… what a shame. I have looked at their site a couple of times since people have mentioned ordering from there, and everything is so cute – but the site seems kinda sketch to me so Ive been scared to order from it. Thanks for letting me know, Ill definitely be holding onto my money for a bit longer. 😉


  3. Mikoru says:

    I know what you mean San! I too and in the “want want want” mood. Hahaha! I just won the Tarina Tarantino Barbie, I so love her style!
    I’m not sure about the being payed to blog thing… I don’t like it when celebrities do it, it feels like selling out to me. But, if it was from a company that you personally liked, or had something to do with arts, crafts, ect.. and you are comfortable with it, then I say go for it!


  4. Laura says:

    so cute, san! adorable. ❤
    i would NOT be offended if you blogged for money. it's life, we all need money! i really love your blog, and i would not consider you a sell out- the dream is to make money doing what we love, and if you're making money blogging, more power to you. DO IT!


  5. Sanasaurus says:

    aww thank you – thats what my boyfriend said too but I was so unsure on how I felt… I think I would only do it if it was something I thought you guys would really enjoy reading about or benefit from! I know eventually I will probably have to open up to stuff like since Im working for myself now, but Im going to wait until it feels right. I appreciate your advice!


  6. Lindsey says:

    I actually ordered that skull cardigan from there awhile back and it never came in :[ I guess it’s a good thing they restocked it because that’s about $30 cheaper than I was going to pay for it! Their prices are so strange, they go up and down all the time ;_; lol


  7. Sanasaurus says:

    hehehe – I think it is easy to get that way! Especially if you read other blogs and they talk about cool stuff. How did you win the barbie?! That is soo cool! I saw she was signing at Sephora stores but it doesnt sound like she is coming to Atlanta… 😦 And yeah – I know what you mean about the selling out feeling… I was worried it might look like I was. The site *was* good though, and would be helpful to some people – but has NOTHING to do with my blog! So it would have been kinda weird to talk about it and it made me uncomfortable just thinking about it. I think in the future if someone approaches me to do that, I might consider it but only if it has something of value to you guys and isnt spammy!


  8. Sanasaurus says:

    whoah – you are the second person to comment saying they never got their cardigan! 😦 what the crap! Did you get your money back?? It is so so cute, I wish a local store had something because I dont want to order from that site.


  9. Mikoru says:

    I won the Barbie on an eBay auction! I have been really into Barbie (and fashion dolls in general) lately. With the 50th anniversary last year and the re-release of some of the classic dolls!


  10. Summer says:

    I think that it’s your blog and you should be able to do with it what you want. If you had reservations about blogging for money about that stuff, maybe it just wasn’t for you at this time or the subject matter wasn’t really something you felt would fit with what you want to do here? In the end, it’s up to you, chica, not us readers. You’re the one who has to do it and put your name on it. 🙂


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