Charleston photos!

Who is driving? Omg, San is driving? How can that beeee?!

My trip to Charleston was pretty quick and laid back… I actually stayed in an area called “Daniel Island” with my boyfriend and his friend Dave, who lives there! We explored the island while taking photos, went to go see a C-17 which is the kind of plane Dave flies for work (it is HUGE omggg! see above), checked out the bay and visited downtown Charleston for a bit. My pictures are just so so, the really epic ones are taken by my boyfriend. You can see his awesome photos here, and mine are on my flickr.

Oh, and I rode some sea turtles while I was there.
Cause you know, that’s what you do at Daniel Island.

Do you guys like laid back trips?
Sometimes I think they are pretty necessary to relax. πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Charleston photos!

  1. Kristen says:

    The only thing I love more than laid back trips are photos with cute illustrations drawn into them. Lets have more of that please! So cute!


  2. mchen says:

    Very cool plane photos. I just showed them to John, and there might’ve been a liiiittle bit of little-boy-drooling going on (he’s a little obsessed with planes and rockets πŸ˜‰
    Hope all’s well, and that you’re settling into the self-employment gig smoothly!


  3. Mike says:

    Hi San!
    I stumbled upon you site completely accidental like. It was totally captivating and I found myself compelled to leave you a little (hopefully encouraging) note.
    First off, you’re a real pistol (who says that anyway?) :-\
    I expect great things from you (not that you haven’t accomplished much already!) Your work is extraordinary (to this amateur) and your site is just a touch zany (just right I think.)
    I believe that one day you will be the β€˜Kat Von D’ (of LA ink fame) of the art world! Only, don’t tattoo your face, it’s much too pretty for that (just say’n…)
    Best of luck to you San, in your freelance work, and your San-sational future!
    Random Stranger (Mike)


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