Goodbye Geocities! + my website in 1997

If you haven't heard – Geocities is officially shutting down October 26th. This kinda saddens me, and somewhat closes the very first chapter of my internetting life. Geocities helped host some of my very first websites, and with out it I would probably not be where I am now. Many Geocities sites introduced to me to my now favorite interests (Comic books, Illustration/Animation, Costuming, etc…). Plus, it allowed people to meet others who shared similar interests – which was really neat for a nerdy illustrator gal to have growing up! I understand why its being shut down, and its good to move forward and learn new things… but I would like to take this moment to say

Goodbyeeeee Geocities! You were much loved ❀

Me and my illustrator buddy Angela goofing off on the internet in 1998.
We were most likely browsing Sailor Moon fan pages made on GeoCities!

On that note – I scanned some old prints of one of my many early websites in 1997. Yes, I know its weird I printed out my website – but I was really proud of it at 14 and I wanted to show it to my friends who didn't have the internet. Gasp! Internet not being common – can you remember those days? πŸ˜‰

Click the pictures to enlarge!

This is kinda humorous to look back on. I was afraid to use my real name on the internet, so I pretended my name was Jillian Smith! sneaky sneaky. I was also super into Sailor Moon (if its not obvious already) – and oh noooo I'm using Comic Sans! Oh man. The little "who is your favorite scout" thing at the top was a POLL! I thought those were real cool, not sure why it doesn't show the blanks though. My "Jukebox" was links to MIDI files, which I was very proud of… I was also super proud of my ICQ "pager". Oh and check out that Unicorn visitor counter – how ridiculous is that thing?! I like how I included my signature at the bottom of the page to personalize it… its nice to see some things haven't changed about myself. πŸ™‚

Well that's enough of my embarrassing show and tell!
Do you remember your first website? Or better yet, is it still online??

16 thoughts on “Goodbye Geocities! + my website in 1997

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh my God! This is hilarious! It wouldn’t surprise me if I stumbled across your Sailormoon fan page back in 1998! LOL!
    Things I thought in 1998:
    -AOL would be FOREVER!
    -iT waSnT aNNoyiNg to TyPe liKe tHiS
    -Animated GIFs rocked my world.
    -I wanted my boyfriend to look like Darien aka Tuxedo Mask aka Prince Endymion.
    I saved most of my website late last night! I may have to blog about it this week πŸ˜€


  2. Beatrix says:

    Ah, internet nostalgia. It totally amazes me how this thoroughly modern technology has changed so much just in our lifetime!
    My very first website had one of those tiled backgrounds (water, hmm) and had bright rainbow coloured Times New Roman headings and dancing gifs. OH! And one of those rotating email gifs where the big e spun around and ‘mail’ orbited it. Jeez, I thought that was so cool! I kinda wish the old sites I made were still around, but I wouldn’t even know how to find them if they were 😦
    And how awesome was Geocities chat? Spent most of my formative teen years clumsily ‘flirting’ with (what I assumed were) ‘cute boys’ from across the globe in their chat rooms! A/S/L?


  3. Edith says:

    OMG. I had a Sailor Moon Geocities, too! It’s kind of spectacularly embarrassing now πŸ˜›
    I wish I remembered what any of my log-ins were for my early sites – makes me kind of sad I can’t find them again…


  4. Sanasaurus says:

    I remember those sites!! You could go through and save each individual
    page on your computer – I think it should package all the images with
    each page every time you do that, and then you could rebuild it? Or
    atleast have it all documented. Better hurry though, today is your
    last day!!


  5. Sanasaurus says:

    I LOOOOVED AOL! hahahha yikes. and “I wanted my boyfriend to look like
    Darien aka Tuxedo Mask aka Prince Endymion” oh no, I was so like that
    too. What a mess! You’ll have to send me a link once you get your old
    website uploaded online πŸ™‚


  6. Chelsea Rose says:

    hehehe. I remember when i first discovered the internet. I would go to the library and spend hours on the computer there looking for any websites having to do with Sailor Saturn. i would print tuns of pages and then past them up on my bedroom walls. last night i was trying to find the episodes that have her in them ( was using and had no luck! : (


  7. Sanasaurus says:

    Aww I did the same thing!! It was kinda exciting when the internet was
    so new and hard to navigate… sorta like an adventure! I havent
    really been able to find the episodes online either 😦 A friend told
    me she got a torrent of them, but Ive just been buying the used dvds
    on Amazon.


  8. Heather says:

    Oh, this brings back memories. I had an AOL website around 1997 with pages about the movie Labyrinth, my girl crush on Fairuza Balk, and I think Sailor Moon also. I wish that I’d printed out pages of mine!


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