Illustration for Ginny McQueen’s website!

So the finalized illustration went live last night on Ginny McQueen's website, and I thought I'd share some pics! I really love the colors she paired with it – but then I'm a big nerd for tealy blues. Go check it out at!

The above is the version for my portfolio. I really enjoyed this project – More people need to have me draw cute space girls! Things I'm working on next: drawing a chest piece tattoo for the fabulous musician and zine-maker, Jemibook (SO COOL!) and two acrylic paintings for a pal of mine. It's good to be busy!

Also – I've gotten a lot of questions lately about if I take commissions, and to get things straight:

YES! I take commissions πŸ™‚

So if you want to commission me to draw you a cute lady or something, shoot me an email.
I'm real nice-like about business stuff and don't bite! ❀

Hope you all have a great weekend!


9 thoughts on “Illustration for Ginny McQueen’s website!

  1. Jemibook says:

    it’s true. everyone should hire San she is super professional and keeps you up on the process and is amazing at all she does, I would hire her to do everything possible for me if I made more money!!
    Can’t wait to see how the piece comes out! These space girls have been fun to see developed, I love the pencils drawings and the final layout is primo!


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