Facts about me & my art room

Uploaded some photos of my art room today on Flickr after a good cleaning.
You can see better pictures and read descriptions here! flickrrr

Its pouring right now – and I'm winding down with my cup of relax tea – getting excited about my up-coming trip this Friday! I'm flying out to attend Chris' company holiday party in San Jose, and then after that we are off to go stay in San Francisco for the weekend. If you have any suggestions on fun things to do while we are there – let me know! I've been many times, but there is so much to do there, its different every time! I love San Francisco ❤

I saw a few blogs posting this, and it seemed like fun – so I thought I'd try my hand at it…

10 things (that you may or may not know!) about me:
  1. My favorite foods are chocolate chip espresso cookies, pad thai, and french fries. I've had a long love for french fries – "fry" was actually my first word! I don't eat them very often, but they are one of my major comfort foods.
  2. I'm an only child! I've always wanted a brother or sister…I'm very close to my cousins though to make up for this.
  3. Other occupations (outside of design) that I have daydreamed about pursuing: hair stylist, tattoo artist, art teacher, professional clown/acrobat, counselor, and running a Betsey Johnson or Hello Kitty boutique.
  4. I've had my hair many different colors: red, green, blue, pink teal, purple, brown and blonde…but my natural hair color is black! I almost always dye my hair myself, and sometimes cut it myself too!
  5. When I'm out walking around, I like to pick up random pretty leaves/flowers and stash them in my moleskine to be pressed flat. I don't really do anything with them, but I hope some day to put them in a book and start collecting and labeling them.
  6. I have 4 tattoos – a star on my right hand, 3 of diamonds on my right arm (from Harley Quinn), a butterfly directly under my belly button, and on my hip is the quote, "I forget nothing – I regret nothing" which is from graffiti that inspired me by my first home in Atlanta.  I don't have any piercings though (except my ears!) because my body doesn't take well to them.
  7. I'm a packrat and extreeeemely messy in my living/workspaces. The crazy thing is – I hate messes! My boyfriend is very organized and neat, which helps balance me out. 
  8. I cannot smell a lot of scents – and I find a lot of my food choices are based more on texture because of this.
  9. In elementary school, I looooved to dress up and play pretend. Once, I wore glasses for a month or so with no lenses – swearing they were real! Another time I wore a head wrap with big earrings (like Carmen Miranda) to school for a week. I often liked to go by different names too – a few were Clarissa, Zoe, Lisa and Sandra.
  10. And waaay before elementary school, when I was first learning how to draw – I created an entire invisible family called "The Nobodies", and would draw pictures of them for my parents often. I liked to blame things on them and make up stories about our adventures.

Now its your turn! Want to share 10 things about you?
Post them in the comments or link me to it on your site, I'd love to know!

10 thoughts on “Facts about me & my art room

  1. When Jason lived in San Jose, I visited him for my birthday. My favorite things out there are San Jose’s Japantown (great shabu shabu restaurant & Nichi Bei Bussan store), Daiso (Japanese $1 store- there’s a HUGE one in Daly City), and of course you’re about a 45-60 minute drive from San Francisco which never gets old!


  2. Didn’t see you were going to SF, too. We ate at the most amazing restaurant in Noe Valley for my birthday called Firefly. And there’s a big knitting store in Noe Valley called Imagiknit. Oh and on the Alameda in San Jose there’s a great yarn shop called Commuknitty that I visited quite a few times.


  3. 1. i like beer. i’ve never liked beer before but now i’m learning all the subtle flavors each can have, IPA, ESB, amber, wheat.
    2. i’ve always wished i had a sister. a girl figure in my life i could share all my deep dark secrets to and have adventures with, maybe an identical twin sister.
    3. i can’t decide the path i want to take in life so i avoid schooling because i’m too thrifty to spend money on something that isn’t a sure bet.
    4. what i want to be when i grow up- jewelry designer, dental lab tech, CSI lab tech (or any other lab tech where i work by myself with equipment), coffee shop owner, mostly just to work at home making jewelry, textiles, or whatever.
    5. i am afraid of human interactions. i can be around people but speaking with people is avoided at all costs. making new friends takes months. drinking helps.
    6. i collect pyrex “crazy daisy”. you know, the avocado colored ones- they are so inexpensive at the goodwill!
    7. i make lists for everything. i need to have it down on paper, out of my head, to be able to move forward. this was recently pointed out to a new hire at work about myself and how i conduct.
    8. if i could wear a scent all day it would smell like fresh cut grass. i have not been able to find the correct smell (except GAP scent fresh grass which they quite making in the 90’s) and my search goes on…
    9. my dog sleeps next to me every night. under the sheets with her head on the pillow.
    10. i don’t think i have a favorite food. i like foods on certain days or i crave foods but no favorites i can think of. pumpkin pie, garlic and herb d’affinois (brie style cheese), crispy hash browns… i feel if i named a fave it would be a lie, i love all.
    yeay! ten!
    in san fran… i love the japanese bookstore in the mall in japantown. look at their craft books, you will DIE! a.k.a. fall in love. then look at their decorating books and grab stockholm apartments, paris studios, and love apartments (or whatever else finds you). just walk around japantown, that’s always my favorite. OR the homes on portero hill (just south of downtown on the hill)… just walk around. there is a museum to but i cant remember the name (i think it’s by the park) where they have jewelry, textiles, and ceramics… oh yeah and the Asian art museum- i was SO ill with the flu, or something, when i was there but i couldn’t pull myself away (or to stand up)- amazing work!


  4. If its an unnatural color, I use Special Effects – I find it lasts the longest.
    If my hair isn’t already lightened with bleach, I will bleach whatever area I’m applying it to. If I’m going for a white blonde (for teals, purples, and blues) then I go to the salon and have them do it because its such a damaging process.
    If you are thinking about bleaching your hair and have never done it before, be careful! It is very easy to damage your hair.


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