Munny design ideas + old art

Something old…

A drawing I did right before we moved into our new home. I never really
finished it but I always liked her face…Shes got a little Harley
Quinn vibe going on. I really want to draw more things under the catagories of Pierrot / Columbine / Harlequin type stuff because I can't ever seem to find art I like in that manner… Johanna Γ–st does some really beautiful things in that theme though – anyone else know of others?

And something new!

I started experimenting with the surface of the munny material tonight
– I tested on a hat accessory that mine came with. I was able to paint
a layer on top of another and then remove some of it slightly which gave it a neat worn look, and then I was also able to do a image transfer and illustration on the surface
too! The fact that I can do those things opens up a lot of doors…I've been trying to decide if I want to go the route of doing a
really playful graphicy design or something more like what I'd do on a
normal surface with fine illustration and lots of washes. Still not

Saving up some links for tomorrow's Things I love Thursday… Hope you are all having a good week so far!

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